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Patriotic Craft: Flowing Ribbon Bracelet

by Heather Mann, Dollar Store Crafts



What is more fun than twirling and spinning in the summer sun? Making your own flowing ribbon bracelets! After you make this simple kids’ craft, you can play for hours! Let these ribbon streamer bracelets whirl and twirl in the wind. I got all my supplies for this project at the dollar store, but you might have these items on hand already! I made mine in red, white, and blue for a patriotic feel, but you can use any color bangles and ribbons you want.


  • 1 round bangle bracelet (red, white, or blue)
  • 5 pieces of ribbon in red, white, and/or blue, cut into 36″ lengths
  • Scissors

ribbon bracelet stepsInstructions:
1. Cut 5 pieces of ribbon in 36″ lengths. When ribbon is knotted, streamers will be approximately 18″ long
2. Fold one piece of ribbon in half, and hold folded loop behind bracelet. Thread ends of ribbon around the bracelet and through the loop. This makes a lark’s head knot
3. Repeat with all ribbons, alternating ribbon colors if desired
Extra Tips:

Group Crafting: To make this craft with group of kids at a party, do a little bit of prep work in advance. Pre-cut lengths of ribbon and assemble craft baggies to hand out to all the participants.

Rhythm Activity: After the bracelets are made, encourage active play with music. Put on some patriotic marches (like “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Phillips Sousa) and encourage kids to get up and dance, waving their ribbon streamers along to the music.

Wind Sock: Add several more lengths of ribbon to completely fill the bracelet all the way around to create a pretty windsock perfect for your bedroom. Add ribbons tied to an unbent paper clip at the top for a hook.


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  1. Nice tutorial you share on this blog. Ribbon is very helpful for lot’s of things create about gift packing and decorating. I get the new idea on your blog. It’s a helpful for me. Great blog!

  2. So cute and easy! Kids always want those cheap-o ribbony trinkets for sale at Independence Day celebrations. Make these in advance and you have a craft for your kids, then also don’t have to waste your money on junk. Thanks!

  3. VERY cute! aww……

    Haha…you know what would be really cute for summer camp? If someone make a US flag with white buttons as the stars. I miss arts and crafts time at camp…

  4. This is very cute. Trying to think how I can make this in to an olympics craft. 🙂

  5. Thanks for having me, Cindy. It’s always fun to go to Summer camp! My favorite part was always the craft barn!

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