Parachute toys are a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kids. They’re easy to make and can keep you entertained for hours. Here’s how to make them.

DIY Parachute Toy

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Here Are the Supplies You’ll Need To Make a Parachute Toy

Do you remember playing with parachute toys when you were a kid? They’re so much fun! You can make your own parachute toy at home, and it’s easy to do. All you need are a few supplies You’ll have hours of fun playing with your new parachute toy!

  • plastic bas
  • scissors
  • string or bakers twine
  • tape
  • small toy figure that isn’t too heavy (like a plastic army man)

How to Make a Parachute Toy

1. Take your bag and cut down each side.  Then you will cut out squares for the parachutes.  For the small parachutes, I used 6×6 inch squares and 9×9 for the large.

2. Next, take your string and cut it 9 inches long for a small parachute and 12 inches for a large one.  You will need 4 pieces of string per parachute.

3. Take the parachute and punch a hole in each corner far enough in that it won’t tear easily, but not too far in.  Tie a piece of string through the hole.  Repeat for each corner.

4. Once you have a string through each corner, you will take all of the string together and tie it in a knot.  You will have a little tail of string which is good.

We are almost there!  

5. Take your tape and secure the string and knot by wrapping it around your figure tightly.

Now hand it off to your kids and watch them play and have a great time! This kept my girls busy for about 20 mins.

Becky, one of the Crafting Chicks!  She is excited to share a quick little project that your kids are sure to love!

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  1. Love the photos and agree that this is a great activity for young kids. My two boys who are 4 and 6 have lots of fun throwing these off our balcony. The older one also takes it to his school and drops them off the 3rd floor down to the ground. I have put this activity on my website and will add a link to your site.

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