Here is a really quick and simple project!

Painted Light Switch Covers

We used a plain white plastic light switch cover purchased at Wal-Mart.

My daughter painted her own design right on the front.

We found these Indoor/Outdoor Gloss Paints made for ceramic, metal and glass worked well. I am sure the paint might wear away after time— but we will be ready for a change anyway!

I was hoping for some flowers, but we got lots of dots!

Bella is so proud of her new light switch cover! She has taken everyone in her room to show it off! You can even make a DIY light switch cover with Washi Tape.

Washi Tape Light Switch Covers

light switch covers

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  1. SO cute!

    You know, I just remembered something we did when our oldest two were little and we were living in the US (now in Germany, and the light switches are different)…We took a new light SWITCH (Lowe’s for a buck or less, I think) and drilled a hole right through the toggle, maybe 1/8 inch? Just centered it so that it went right through the switch, from left to right, as you look at the switch straight on…from that view you couldn’t actually SEE the hole.

    Then take a 12 inch-ish dowel, let them paint to their tastes, and screw a cuphook into one end. Run that cuphook through the hole in the switch and they now have the ability to turn on and off their light, where the switch was too high on the wall before. And if you use an open cuphook (as opposed to one with the “lock” bar on it), you can easily remove it at bedtime if you have a little one who just LOVES to use his new switch, then return it in the morning. Not that I’d know. *wink wink*

  2. Another great light switch cover is fabric and the modge podge. My daughters loved making those. And would give them to friends for their birthdays, last day of school, etc.

  3. Oh – this is so sweet! I love that she was able to personalize her little lightswitch cover. We have purchased some that were covered with wallpaper but never thought about actually painting on them.

  4. You know, I have never thought of doing this with my kids. I bet they would really enjoy it though. I could also see doing this each year for the different holidays. The kids could help decorate the house in a very unique way. Even if you made new ones each year it would still relatively inexpensive.

    Great idea!!! We will certainly be trying this out!!

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