We are very busy today with a very important date!

Today is Kindergarten Round-Up~

OH MY! Where did the time go!

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  1. I have a daughter (my first child) in kindergarten, too. She only has 7 weeks of school left. Didn’t she just start yesterday??? 😉

  2. Oh, my, how beautiful! How time flies! Such a BIG day for all of you! She will love every minute of Kindergarten! I must be the luckiest Aunt in the world to have this little angel for my niece! Can’t wait to hear all the details about round-up – such a fun experience! love you!

  3. Your daughter is so cute. Kindergarten is the best and such a milestone in a child’s life. Make sure you save all of her artwork and place it a scrapbook for her. She will love it.

  4. She is so cute! I think time goes by so much faster once you become a mom! My oldest started kindergarten this past year and I cried, she not so much!

  5. I am sorry to say that once they are in school, the time goes even faster!!

    She looks very sweet…

  6. Your daughter is such a cutie! Kindergarten is a big milestone; she will have so much fun learning and making new friends. What will you do with all your new-found “free time”? 🙂

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