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Hi everyone, I’m Jessica from the blog Zakka Life where I share about crafts, recipes and life.I’m happy to be back for another year participating in Craft Camp.I hope you will find inspiration from the craft I created for this year’s series.


These pretend-play craft badges and sashes will have your child crafting and playing for hours. My daughter made one inspired by the Fire Side Girls from Phineas and Ferb. She was so happy with her creation that she requested to wear it to school the next day!


Badge Template

Brown Paper Bag

Markers or crayons



1. Cut the bottom the bag off while keeping the rest of the bag intact. Fold flat as pictured above.

2. With a yard stick draw out the sash shape as shown.

3. Cut out on the lines you just made.

4. Flip inside out so none of the text shows on your sash.

5. Print out templates. Have children cut and decorate their badges anyway they like. Tape or glue on to sash and start playing.

Sash and Badge ideas:

  • Brownie/Girl Scouts and Boy Scout pretend play
  • Start a club
  • Turn your stuffed animals into a troop
  • Have children make badges for things they want to learn/do this summer.
  • For teachers – have each child in class make a badge for the birthday girl or boy that represents something they like about them. Then they get to wear it the entire day.


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  1. Excellent, very nice post and also the precise product information, i want to show to my local freinds inside facebook.

  2. Go to square space.com and you can print scout badges for a Russel costume from the movie UP, by Pixar. They look great!!

  3. That’s cute. We’re BIG Phineas & Ferb fans in our household.

  4. I love the idea of a birthday sash with contributions from classmates. What a great way to encourage creativity and kindness at the same time.

  5. Very cool idea! Anything with re-purposing paper bags is great.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration – my daughter is big into the show Max & Ruby and loves the BunnyScouts. She has been talking up merit badges for weeks! I made this for her and was so touched when she wanted her first badge to be “Taking Care of my Brother”. I’ve linked her from my website, I really think this is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while!

  7. Great idea. I too especially like the additional suggestions that you added on for the teachers. Would be a fun craft to do camping.

  8. Caca,

    I like the idea of using brown felt. You could make a more sustainable version. Maybe use fabric iron on badges instead of paper.

  9. this is so creative. I didn’t know the sashes was made of brown paper , I thought it was makde from felt.

  10. wow, what a great idea! especially love the teacher/birthday idea!!! you inspire me!

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