If your little girl needs a bit o’ green tomorrow it is not too late to make this little hair clip. It is based on this crochet pattern by Suzie—-so I am hoping it works for you if you give it a go. It only takes a few minutes.

I used a size 4 crochet needle and embroidery floss (all 6 threads).

Chain 6, dc in 2nd chain from hook and then slip-stitch in remaining 4 chains (this makes the stem), chain 3 and join with a slip-stitch in the 3rd chain from hook to form a ring. For petal *chain 3 turn (only turn the first time), trc , dc , trc , chain 3 and slip-stitch in ring*. Repeat between * two more times so you have 3 petals. Fasten off and weave in the ends. Sew your lucky shamrock to a bobby pin or hair clip.

Now this little girl can tell her big brothers NO PINCHING!

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  1. I do agree with the other guys this is definitely cute crocheted will make other designs for a friend of mine but will surely browse some more guides to do this girly stuff.Anyway thanks for sharing this bright idea and keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Love this! Used this pattern with larger needle and thread to make shamrocks for my holiday tree! Thanks for the pattern!

  3. I love this! So very cute, quick, and easy. Thanks for all you do here at Skip to My Lou. I love your site and spend hours here each week.

  4. Argh!

    I tried this and it just turned out terrible! lol

    then I tried again just kinda modifying the pattern and nope, no go. Just doesn’t look as neat as yours. Although I think if I downsize my hook + thread it might work better.

    I still bookmarked this though 🙂

  5. I really wanted to make that, but saw it was crochet! I don’t know how to do that… only knit. Maybe you could figure out how to convert it to a knit pattern? It’s so cute!

  6. That’s a really cute idea! I’ve never crocheted with embroidery floss but it looks like it works well. I wonder if it splits more than regular yarn.
    Thanks for the pattern!

  7. BTW, U R 2 crafty 4 me! I had to LOL since I have no idea how 2 crochet! 2 cute! U R amazing! TTYL !!

  8. Hey Girl, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I recently started a blog of my own. I added a link to your page, and I was just making sure it was fine with you.


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