Get ready to experience a world of vibrant flavors and culinary creativity as you explore some of the most delicious and beautiful Indian charcuterie board ideas. They are bringing appetizers to new heights and making them a main course. These carefully created spreads draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. From the aroma of masala nuts to the zesty kick of tamarind chutney, each element is thoughtfully selected to offer a sensory experience like no other.

Many of these Indian charcuterie board ideas can be eaten with your hands. However, you may still want to grab a couple of charcuterie tools like cutting boards and small bowls to make the presentation shine!

10 Indian Charcuterie Board Ideas

When it comes to charcuterie board, these Indian charcuterie board ideas may be some of the most creative! These charcuterie creations are a feast for the taste buds and a visual spectacle, bringing together an array of textures, colors, and tastes on a wooden canvas.


Prepare to be captivated by Madhu’s Everyday Indian’s innovative “Indian Snack-Cuterie Board,” a fusion of classic Indian snacks and contemporary presentation. Including snacks like samosa, vada, pani puri, chaats, and bonda, this Indian charcuterie board is easy and delicious. 

Samosa, vada, pani puri, chaats, and bonda is displayed on Madhu's Everyday Indian snack board.
An Indian appetizer board that all your guests will devour.

2. How to make a Cheese Board for South Asians (Add a Pakistani Indian twist to your Cheese Board)

Mirchi Tales brings a South Asian twist to the cheese board, offering a symphony of masala-infused delicacies that are as visually appealing as they are flavorful. South Asians will love this round board, which includes grapes, soft cheeses, and breadsticks. It also includes how you can add a Desi twist to your cheese board and great tips like how most cheese should be served room temperature, so they should be taken out of the fridge at least 30-45 minutes before. 

Mirchi Tales presents a cheese board with grapes, cheeses, and breadsticks.
A tasty and savory Pakistani Indian cheese board


Yellow Thyme introduces us to a world of Indian-inspired finger foods and chaat delights that are perfect for your next party. It is a perfect way to add different flavors, like tangy chutneys and meat products like Samosas, tikki, or kebabs. You can also include different types of cheese like  Hung Yogurt Dip & Baked Brie with Mango Chutney—a delicious option for the new year or the holiday season. 

Samosas, tikki, kebabs, Hung Yogurt Dip, Baked brie, and mango jam are displayed on Yellow Thyme's snack board.
Dips, Crisps, and Chutney fill this Indian Grazing Board

4. Tea Time Pakora Platter (6 different Pakora Recipes)

Cook with Renu unveils the perfect tea-time indulgence with a delectable assortment of pakoras. Let’s call it a pakora platter! With all the different options, every family member can include their favorite. This specific board has gobi pakora, palak pakora, and other delicious types as well. 

Cook with Renu showcases an assortment of pakoras on this Tea Time Charcuterie Board.
Crunchy and Satisfying Tea Time Treats

5. Indian Charcuterie Board

When it comes to an Indian-style charcuterie board, Piping Pot Curry’s is one you should take inspiration from. It includes many traditional chaat flavors, offering a tantalizing spread of papdi chaat and different items like samosa, bhel, and more. This board is a unique and delicious addition to any gathering.

Samosas, tikki, or kebabs, spread of papdi chaat, and bhel fill Piping Pot Curry's board.
Lip-smacking, delicious Indian Snack Board

6. Butter Board

Cooking Carnival’s Butter Board is a celebration of all things creamy and indulgent. It is a desi charcuterie board without all the fanfare. Featuring a board of flavored butter that is full of fresh herbs and veggies. This butter board can easily be paired with naan chips, French bread, or any other available bread. It is a perfect addition to special occasions or holiday gatherings. Just grab a wooden board and start spreading!

A butter board willed with herbs and veggies with naan is shown on Cooking Carnival's Butter Board.
Everything is better served with Naan!


Sweet Simple Masala’s Chaat-Cuterie Board combines the best of both worlds, combining classic chaat flavors with the elegant presentation of a charcuterie board. With various chutneys and finger foods, this board will surely be a hit and the perfect light snack at your next party.

Sweet Simple Masala's charcuterie board presents spiced nuts, crispy poori, flaxseed crisps, and date chutney.
The perfect combination of spice, sweet, and tangy all-in-one board!

8. Mithai Dip & Indian Dessert Charcuterie Board

Cook with Manali’s Mithai Dip is a sweet treat that pays homage to traditional Indian sweets. Served on a dessert board, this dip is a perfect addition to any Indian-inspired charcuterie spread. To accompany the dip, Cook with Manali included options like biscoff cookies, brownie bites, and bite-size mithais such as rose burfi, saffron burfi, and pistachio burfi.

Cook with Manali's dessert board features biscoff cookies, brownie bites,  rose burfi, saffron burfi, and pistachio burfi.
A Stunning Sweet Showstopper!

9. Indian Dessert Charcuterie Board

Cookilicious’s Indian dessert board puts an Indian spin on a traditional dessert spread. With an array of mithais which are Indian sweets and other dessert options, this board is a perfect option for your next celebration. Just grab a large board and great creating! 

Sweet Boondi, Badam Doodh (Flavored Almond Milk), Shankarpare, Kaju katli, peanuts chikki, mithai flavored chocolates fill Cookilicious's Indian dessert board.
Bite-Sized Sweets for your next party.

10. Chole Chaat Board

Honey, What’s Cooking’s Chole Chaat Board offers a unique twist on the traditional charcuterie board; what exactly is the Chole Chaat Board? It’s just like the butter board, but instead of butter, she used Punjabi Chole. This board is a great way to introduce guests to the bold flavors of Indian cuisine. Plus, it is the perfect appetizer or even side to accompany your favorite meat! 

Honey, What's Cooking's board is presenting Punjabi Chole, Cilantro Chutney, tomatoes, green chilies, and red onions.
A creative and flavorful Chole Chaat Charcuterie Board for all your guests!

These Indian charcuterie board ideas are a testament to the diverse and flavorful world of Indian cuisine. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large group, these boards offer a perfect way to introduce guests to the flavors of Indian snacks, sweets, and more. So, why wait? Start planning your next gathering with these irresistible Indian-inspired boards!

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