Here is a free Valentine download for you if you dare (lots of cutting, folding, gluing….)


First download and print out an alligator and inside of mouth


Cut out pieces


Lightly score lines on pillow box and gently fold


Put glue on side flap of pillow box and fold together, leaving the ends open. Allow to dry a few minutes before folding in the ends of the box.


Score about 1/2 inch from the end of the upper mouth piece so it can open and close (see final picture). Fold in ends on box and begin gluing on upper and lower mouth and the tail.Use lots of glue stick! Use a rubber band to secure pieces while they are drying.


Fold edge of each leg and glue to sides of box


Add some googly eyes and fill box with candy


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  1. Can you please e-mail me the svg file for the “I’d Snap At The Chance To Be Your Valentine. Can’t get the link to work. It’s adorable! Thank you.

  2. Hi! I love this!
    I’m doing a round-up of Valentine’s Printables and was wondering if I could use an image from your post for both the post and a combined marketing (Pinterest, etc) image?
    I already linked you, but wanted permission before using an image!
    Thanks either way.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful alligator pattern! Our grandchildren live out west and we, the grandparents, live in the south. My husband is always teasing them about alligators, so it was really fun to make this valentine for our 4 grandchildren ages 1-4. Your photos and instructions were great and I so appreciate you sharing them online.

  4. Just wanted to say that my four year old daughter chose these this year for her classmates! She is beyond excited and I think they will be fun to make! Thank you for providing the option to create with or without the hearts! I can’t wait to post them once they are made!!

  5. These are slightly tedious to make but very cute. To address the comment above, these are not mean to hold candy, simply used as a card.

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