I am all about these new Post-it Pop-up Note Dispensers and Post-it Note Holders! I think they make the perfect gift for those that might be hard to buy for on your gift giving list. The best thing is with so many varieties I can find a dispenser to match my recipient’s personality. I also like giving gifts that are useful. So these Post-it Products are a win-win!

Three different post-it note gift ideas,: picture holder, red gem and karate figurine on gray background and table.
Craft any assortment of post-it dispensers for an intentional, heartfelt gift!

 Perhaps you’ve run out of gift ideas for the office friends or giving clever gifts have never been your thing. Here is your answer to this dilemma, a gift anyone can benefit from and receive a wonderful message from you. These colorful adhesive notes have been an influencing catalyst in society since the 1980’s. They are not just limited to office work, but also everyday life anywhere we find ourselves. The dispensers and holders have now become an important accessory to the post it note and fortunately there is way more than one model.

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To add my personal touch however, I have individualized my dispensers by printing on the first Post-it Note in each dispenser. This will not require much material at all except a printer, paper and some spare time. It is really simple and fun to do.

Supplies needed:

  • 8.5 x 11 paper – to print downloaded template
  • Post-it Notes
  • Post-it Note Dispenser
  • Printer

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Post it note pop-up dispensers Collage
This is what your dispenser gifts will look like!

These clever sayings are the perfect way to make this gift more personal.  “We Love You,” is a sweet message to share with a grandparent for friend. “I Get A Kick Out Of You.” is sure to bring a smile to a son or dad. And what girl doesn’t want to be told she is priceless?  Just a few special words make this gift not just useful, but heartfelt and meaningful.

post-it note Collage gift ideas

First download my blank Post-it Note template and print on white copy paper.

Blank Post-it Note 3×3 Template Download

post-it note printing template
Sample of the printed Post-it Note template

Place one Post-it Note on each square.

how to print on post-it notes. notes placed on templated ready to print
Post-it Notes on the template

Download the printable Post-it Note gift tags PDF. Place the page of Post-it Notes in your printer tray. Make sure the Post-it Notes are heading into the printer with the adhesive end first. For my printer I placed the page with the Post-it Notes facing down in my printing tray.

Printable Post-it Note Gift Tags Download

printing clever sayings on post-it notes
Your printed Post-it Notes with clever sayings for your gift dispensers

So from our babysitter to the grandmas and some friends and family in between, I have the perfect useful holiday gift!

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How did your gift recipients react to their dispenser gift? Which was your favorite dispenser/note? Let us know in the comments!

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    thanks for these suggestions…they are on my to-get list for my parents who are so hard to buy for.

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