These homemade rocks would also make awesome party favors for a rock climbing party, “you rock” themed party or shape them like an egg for a dinosaur party.

How to make a Blarney Stone with a hidden treasure

Tradition says if you kiss the Blarney Stone you will be given the gift of gab. You will be able to talk eloquently and convincingly. I don’t think these girls need any help with the gift of gab, but we still thought we would make these Blarney Stones. A treasure can be found in the middle of each stone.


Homemade Rocks Recipe

Mix up:

  • 1 cup used coffee grounds (or used dry espresso grounds–what we had) If they are too wet I am sure it would change the color of the mixture
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup sand
  • 1 cup flour
  • 3/4 cup water
  • (I think it would be very easy to tint this mixture with tempera paint—they might be dull colors when dry)


Mix together dry ingredients and then slowly add enough of the water to make a stiff dough—you might not need all off the water, so add slowly.

Knead the mixture on a floured surface until fairly smooth.


Break the dough into desired sizes. We divided it into 4 equal pieces. Hide your trinkets (super balls, small plastic toys, etc.) or money in the center of each ball of dough.



Bake at 150F degrees for 2 hours (I turned them over half way through) and then air dry 2-3 days (or longer). If you make smaller rocks I would dry one hour in the oven and then air dry 2 days or more. The size of rock and the amount of humidity in your home will affect the drying time. They will look and feel like rocks when dry.


I had hoped to paint them with green and white paint for fun and wait to open them on St Patrick’s Day, but nobody was willing to wait to crack them open with a hammer— let alone wait for paint to dry.


I think we might make some egg shaped ones for Easter.

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  1. I love this! I can’t believe I have never seen something like this before, thanks so much!

  2. i love this idea!! i think it would be great for easter – with loonies in them (canadian dollar coins). love your blog BTW.

  3. Wow, fantastic idea! I just have one question…is there a substitute for the used coffee grounds? We don’t drink coffee in our home but would love to tackle this fun project!!

    Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  4. First I had ever heard of these. where have I been all these years? LOL Look like alot of fun…..thanks for the idea.

  5. Another great idea that we used for a dinosaur party is using this same mixture and then we pressed play doh cookie cutters in to make “fossils”, when it was wet. We put a hole at the top and the kids hung them with some ribbon. It was an easy birthday craft!! And the kids loved it.

  6. These would be awesome if your kid is into dinosaurs! You could hid dinos in them for “excavating” or make them into dino eggs!

  7. Really great idea! Did this last year as a money-birthday present – i just covered the money with aluminium foil. Thank you 🙂

  8. You’re girls are just precious! My Mom wasn’t crafty, and I know your girls will have fond memories of doing projects with you!

  9. Great idea – my daughter turns 18 this month – She’s getting a rock!!! oh with a $ surprise in it!!! Thanks

  10. FABULOUS! SUPER thanks for shaing. Can’t wait to make them-and a surprise one for my hubby! Just found your blog. LOVE IT!

  11. We did this for our dragon birthday party. We had handmade dragon wings and dragon decorations and dragon eggs! The kids loved them. The eggs had little plastic dragons inside and they ‘hatched’ the eggs with water and hammers. Ours didn’t break open quite as easy as yours look like they did. Kids really do love this idea!

  12. Easter! Great idea!! You could use it as a picture of how Jesus defeated the tomb!! I love that!!!

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