We thought bath bombs would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift when packaged to look like  a bomb along with a tag that says, “You’re the ‘bomb’!”


DIY Bath Bombs


2 Cups Baking Soda

1 Cup Citric Acid

4 teaspoons massage oil ( or 2 teaspoons essential oil and 2 teaspoons olive oil)

Spray bottle with water

mold (60 mm 2 part plastic ball)

This amount only made 5 bath bombs.  If I was making more I would buy the citric acid online in bulk. The small bottle  you see pictured (1/2 cup) was $2.50. I purchased it from my local health food store.  You can buy citric acid online for $2.25 per pound. BrambleBerry is offering all Skip to my Lou readers 10% off citric acid, use LOU10 at checkout to receive your discount!


Mix baking soda and citric acid in large mixing bowl.  Mix very well! You can use an electric mixer if you like.


Add in 4 teaspoons of scented massage oil (or other combination of skin safe essential oil for scent and another oil for moisturizing the skin). The scent is personal, so start with a teaspoon or so and add more until you are satisfied. Mix well.


This next step can be a bit  tricky because you don’t want your bath bomb to start fizzing. Start by adding a couple of fine mist sprays of water to your mixture and mix well.


You will continue spraying until the mixture will clump in your hand when squeezed. (I used 5-8 sprays, however this will depend greatly on your local climate)


Fill one half of your mold.  Pack it tightly.


Fill the other half of the mold and place them together—don’t snap together.  I slightly overfilled each half.  When I pushed the two halves together they became a ball.


Gently remove the ball from mold.  If I had problems with the ball coming out easily  I dumped the mixture back into my bowl, added a mist of water (carefully), mixed well and then tried again.


Cut out about a 10 inch circle of black tissue paper.


Wrap tissue up around your bath bomb and trim if necessary.


Place a silver pipe cleaner in the center and then wrap a shiny red pipe cleaner around the the tissue paper and silver pipe cleaner.  Add a tag and you are finished! You might want to write instructions for using the bath bomb on the back of the tag.


The bath bomb worked great. It provided fizz, bubbles and fun for my daughter’s bath.



These were very simple bath bombs.  If you are interesed in more recipes and detailed instructions, the internet is a great resource. Try Teach Soap for loads of bath and body recipes!

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  1. I love the idea. I was thinking that you could take a sucker and put the black paper over the sucker and put a red piece of paper over the stem to make it look like a bomb and add the tag “Your the bomb”.

  2. I stummled onto this sight and LOVE IT!! the bombs you made are such a great gift to give, I’m going to start by making me some!!! What an AWESOME idea, thank you for posting!!

  3. I was just wondering if the moistness of the bomb will stain it black from the black tissue paper. Has anyone that made these found that to be a problem?

  4. This is SO neat! Please come share it at my Friday link party smallfineprint.blogspot.com

  5. thank you SO MUCH for telling me where to buy citric acid. I saw on Martha Stewart how to make bath fizzies using a silicone mold and looked everywhere to buy citric acid and couldn’t find it, so had to give up on that project. This idea is fabulous and i’m going to give it a try. LOVE your blog!!!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for this timely ‘recipe’.

    I will definitely make for some of my friends in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  7. I made this recipe and it was great! I made a couple of additions though; when i added the oils i also added some food colouring and sparkles to give them some pizazz! i didn’t have the proper moulds so i used the smaller end of a kinder surprise container and the weren’t spheres but they we’re cute anyways. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Great idea. I am thinking of doing these for a women’s get away retreat we are having in march and packaging them someway to look like a flower or something. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was wondering if I could use the B&B massage oil I have for making bath bombs, woohoo!!!! You have some great projects posted! =^.^=

  10. Awesome idea! I wonder, do you think you could use a candy mold to make other shapes? There are some pretty great ones out there… Oh, and if you wanted to color the bath bomb, I wonder at what point you could add coloring and not make the bomb fizz. Have you tried that? So cool. I love the bomb packaging, it makes it twice as clever.

  11. great idea! I’m going to try making it but replacing the red pipe cleaner with red electrical tape or red masking tape. VERY cute! I forwarded it to my sister 🙂

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