The talented Blair from Wisecraft is here today to show a beginning sewing project for kids. This pillow tutorial is a great way to get our kids sewing.

Blair writes…
(Please forgive the photos, I took them with my phone). I invited my son (decidedly not much into crafting) to make a pillow with me the other day and we had great fun. So easy, and a great chance to teach some simple machine sewing to your child. (This could also be handstitched.)

We cut 2 pieces of fabric in the size he wanted, I translated “about this big” into a 17″ x 24″ size. We measured it out on the fabric he’d chosen at the store, and he cut out the two panels.

Next, the thrill of using the machinery! I showed him the basics of the sewing machine and let him go, super easy for him (I have a function on my machine that slows the speed way down, which was helpful.) We left a 5″ opening on one side.

He turned it inside out.

He stuffed it. Then I showed him how to stitch the opening closed on the sewing machine (no worries here about visible stitches closing up the opening.)

Success! A new pillow to prop him up when he’s reading in bed!

For more ideas visit Wisecraft!

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  1. This is a neat and practical idea to introduce kids to sewing. I like the fabric he chose.

  2. Such fun to teach children to sew. THat’s what we do and enjoy it.

  3. It’s a nice DIY project for kid but I have a question, is he too young to use the sewing machine?

    I love your website a lot! Thanks you.
    Ginny Le

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