In case you missed this last year here is a simple pencil bag tutorial from the Skip to my Lou Archives. If you don’t drink juice try this lined zippered pouch to send your kids back to school with something special. Don’t forget to add a  message (maybe an inspirational quote, words of encouragement or a secret love note) to the inside lining of your fabric pouch!


I made this juice bag pencil pouch for my son’s first day of school. He really wanted the Kool-Aid Sport juice bags (because they look Cool) but the store was out and this is what we had.

You need 4 juice bags and an 8 inch zipper for this little pencil case. If you need a larger pencil bag try 3 bags lined up vertically.

Cut a slit in the bottom of each empty juice bag and rinse. Allow bags to dry.

Lay two bags end to end, one on top of the other. They should measure 9 1/2 inches in total length. Stitch through the bags at the bottom of the top bag. I found a heavy duty needle (like for denim) helpful. I was also using a heavy duty thread. Repeat for other size.

Stitch one side of the zipper to the top of the bags —right sides together.

Notice carefully where to stop stitching. Do not stitch to edge.

Stitch the other side of bag to the zipper, again right sides together.

Lay zipper and bags flat and top stitch down each side of zipper.

Bring bags together wrong sides together. Fold zipper ends down on each side.

Starting at top side stitch down the side, across the bottom and up the other side.

I trimmed off just a little on each side to make it even.

There you go, a recycled pencil bag!

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  1. I need an oilcloth sort of bag to keep charcoal drawing pencils in my purse, so I don’t want to make a zippy bag out of great fabric only to ruin it. This is totally up my alley. Love it. Thank you!

  2. I love this. I was already admiring some on your other patterns…and this one is awesome! If only I had a source for empty Capri Sun.

  3. I love this idea! My daughter broke her pencil bag (for fun) and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one. We have a ton of juice pouches and a big sewing kit, and I’m sure my daughter would love to make one.

  4. This is a cool idea, but I just saw some similar bags at target for $1, so it will cost me less to buy it than make it.
    But it’s an awesome idea (then again, if my sister or cousin want one, and they buy the juice and zippers, I’m down to make it)

  5. This is a great tutorial, my kids will love recycling and they are eager to help with the sewing, too. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  6. Your are right. These are great Wedding gift ideas. I’m getting married in the spring and would absolutely love it if I received any of these items as gifts. I would deeply appreciate the time someone put into it to make them for us.

  7. This is too cool! I’ve been looking for a project to use these up – I hate throwing them away. But, the kids love them and use them. They’ll love this! Thanks!

  8. Oh I love this idea! I know me though, I’ll just have to admire it on your website because I know I won’t sew–lol! I bet my dd will do it though. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This looks easy enough that I might actually try to sew something! ha. Thanks for the cute idea.

  10. I have used a lot of your ideas. This one I will definitely be using this year. My kids will think it is so cool. Thanks for all your wonderful things you post. I have your link on my blog.

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