I totally think Cathe Holden is amazing! She posted a fun little tutorial on how to make a darling pennant banner roller stamp. I decided I wanted it a bit bigger to use on larger packages…. so I made just a few changes. I seriously don’t do her idea justice so please check out!

I used what I had around the house, Elmer’s Rubber Cement, craft foam, an old wooden roller and scissors.

I cut my pennant out of the craft foam and glued it to the roller with rubber cement. Let this totally dry before inking.

Roll it on top of an ink pad and then across the paper.

Don’t forget to write a message on your pennant bunting.

Next time I might make it smaller for easier rolling and use an ink pad that is not almost dried out.

You might also be interested in stamping your own seasonal doormats.

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  1. What a great idea!! I actually have one of these old gadgets too.
    What do you think of trying to use the removable adhesive that lets you take up something without damaging either the roller or pattern?
    I am hoping it will hold on without sliding??

    Thanks for thinking outside the roller.

  2. Fabulous! I adore the one you made!! Especially since you show how easy it is to make with stuff you already have. It turned out great.

    These stamps will never leave a perfect imprint, but that’s a bit of the beauty of it being so sweet and handmade. It takes a few swipes to get the hang of how your roller will work best and how often you may need to re-ink. I’ve seen a couple more that others have made and I can’t begin to tell you how tickled I get when someone actually tries one of my crafts!!

    Thanks for sharing my project and again for including me in your fantastic month of June Craft Camp!

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