Furoshiki  is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for gift wrapping.  I am totally taken with this method for wrapping gifts.  It is not only beautiful but also eco friendly.


My sister-in-law loves wrapping gifts so for her birthday I ordered an advance copy of the book, Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps. I packaged the order slip like this with a Furoshiki cloth I made for her.


The book arrived and it is fabulous.


I think it is the best book I have seen on the subject.  The pictures are beautiful and the instructions and illustrations are easy to follow and understand!


There are so many styles I want to try!


Tips for making your own Furoshiki cloth

  • The fabric cloths are usually square.  A standard size is 28″ X 28″. You will need a larger cloth for some techniques.
  • Hem the edges of the fabric or simply cut with pinking shears to save time and keep the edges from un-raveling. I used the technique for making square corner cloth napkins to finish off my wrap.
  • If you don’t want to make your own cloth Jenn Playford has a line of cloths called Furochic.

How to use your Furoshiki Cloth

Download a handy Illustrated Furoshiki Guide from the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan.

See Jenn, the author of Wrapagami, explain how to use Furoshiki.

Furochic Bouquet Wrap

Furochic Double Book Wrap

Furochic Handbag Wrap

Furochic Cushion Wrap

Furochic Basic Wrap

Furochic Double Bottle Wrap

Furochic Box Wrap

Furochic Kangaroo Wrap

The book is a must! Happy wrapping!

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  1. I have done this for my kids birthdays and they loved it! I used the file from the government of Japan and some silk scarves I had dyed with kool-aid (that the kids normally play with). I love cute wrapping paper, but I hate throwing it all out! Now I want that book. 🙂

  2. Thank you, sweet sister-in-law, for feeding my wrapping (paper, cloth) addiction – yes, you know me well! Boy, I do love this book! It is so fun, beautiful and eco-friendly. xox

  3. I watch Japanese anime a lot, and these little packages remind me of the little lunches that the characters are always carrying 🙂 Also this is perfect for the quilt I’ll have to sent off soon 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful way to wrap. it is explained so nicely. I wonder if you could give us a pronunciation of the words? I know nothing about the Japanese language.

  5. Oh wow! I’m wrapping everything! Thank you so much for explaining! This book is great!

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