Free printable Valentine’s Day game for kids. This cute Valentine’s day game for kids is the perfect thing to bring along to a class party or to even gift a friend! A free printable game board is here for you. It is nice to have a game ready to go.

I love cute, easy, fun games for kiddos at Valentines. Here are some more ideas Valentine Games Kids Will LOVE and don’t miss these amazing Valentines.  

Valentine's Day game for kids - Don't Eat Val

If you have kids in elementary school and always get volunteered to be the room mom and/or help with those classroom parties for the holidays this game is perfect fit. It will keep the kids busy for that hour of the party. They will LOVE the game “Don’t Eat Val” developed from the fun game “Don’t Eat Pete”. I will let you in on a secret, older kids enjoy this game too!

Don't Eat Val - a super fun Valentine's Day game for kids

Here’s a quick run-down of how to play, in case you haven’t played before. First you place candy or other little treats on each square of the board game. I used conversation hearts as my candy of choice. The candy hearts are just too cute! Then choose someone to go out of the room or just far away that they can’t see or hear what’s going on around the game board. Everyone else chooses which square is going to be “Val” and keeps it secret. Tell the person to come back and then that person starts taking the candy off of the game board one square at a time (and eating it if they want). When they choose the candy covering the square that’s “Val” everyone yells “Don’t Eat Val!” Then it is the next player’s turn and you continue in the same way until everyone’s had a turn and time runs out. Don’t forget to hand out the classroom valentines. This game is a great start or finish for a fun Valentine’s day party!

Everyone will have a blast with this free printable Valentine's Day game for kids - Don't Eat Val
Fun Valentine’s Day Game
Don't Eat Val - a fun little Valentine's Day game for kids to play at those classroom parties

You can print this fun little game at home on your color printer, or download the PDF file and run it to Staples or Office Depot/Max to have them print it. I had mine laminated as well so I could re-use it for other years.

Valentine’s Day is always favorite day at school for our kids. I love encouraging creating fun Valentine cards and unique ways for gifting at this time of the year. Look through some of thee wonderful ideas listed below.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

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  1. This is so cute! What a neat idea! I was just thinking of what we could do at home to celebrate valentine’s day and this is perfect!

  2. Thanks for this adorable printable! We love to play Don’t Eat Pete (or the holiday equivalents) at snack time – we use grapes, pretzels, craisins, nuts, etc. That way the kids can keep playing as long as they want without getting shock full of sugar! They’ll love this one!

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