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Hi! My name is Kyla and I’m visiting you from Funky PolkaDot Giraffe! My mom (a fabulous quilter) tried to teach me sew when I was 10, I made a pair of shorts and that was it. Then, when my son’s first Halloween came along, I became fabric and project obsessed and haven’t stopped since.I hope you’ll stop by my blog for lots of fun ideas, linky parties, and crafty mayhem. I’m sharing a quick and easy handmade gift that is fun to make and receive. I made a Halloween version and loved it so much that I decided I needed to make a Christmas version when I found this fabulous Christmas fabric hiding in my hoard that I bought on clearance at Joann for $2 a yard a couple of years ago.



Spray Paint

Christmas Fabric

Transfer/Tracing Paper

White Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Needles

Fabric Marking Pencil

Glue Gun

I found these great frames at my local dollar store, but they were the wrong color, so I used a little white Krylon spray paint and they were ready to go!

Step One: Cut a piece of fabric that is about 1″ bigger on all four sides than photo glass. So for my 4×6 frame, I cut a piece of fabric that was 5×7 and for my 5×7 frame I cut a piece of fabric that was 6×8.

Step Two: Use a fabric marking pencil to mark the corners of your glass size so you know the size area that you’ll have to work with. I used a fabric pencil because I had one, but I’ve used a white crayon in a pinch.

Step Three: Using your computer create text to be embroidered. I did this by making a 5×7 box in Photoshop and then centering the text within that box. Place the design over tracing/transfer paper and draw over the design to transfer it to the fabric.

It will look like this when you’re done!

Step Four: Stretch the design onto your embroidery hoop and start stitching. I used a back stitch, but any of your favorite embroidery stitches will work great.

Step Five: Remove from the embroidery hoop and iron out the kinks and wrinkles.

Step Six: Cut a piece of cardstock the exact same size as the glass. Then place it on the back side of the embroidery and hot glue the edges to the cardstock – pulling slightly – to keep it taught.

You’re done! Flip it over and frame it up! I like to keep the glass behind it for sturdiness. You can put it in front too, but I don’t like the sheen it gives to the embroidery.

Now you’ve got a cute handmade gift to help share holiday cheer with friends!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! I’m going to be doing something like this with my 5 year old granddaughter that she can give as Christmas gifts. I’m thinking more of a plain, Christmassy-type fabric with the HO-HO-HO, but also I’m going to let her draw in felts a small reindeer or Santa on one corner to personalize it more. 🙂 I know her Mom & other Grandma will be so pleased… I may even get her to make one ‘in secret’ for me too! 😉

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