My dearest and oldest friend left today for Cleveland, where her mother will be having open heart surgery tomorrow. I wish I was there with her to keep her company. I pray for a successful surgery and safe return home for their entire family. I could never be able explain how much I care for Catherine. We have been friends since the third grade and somehow my emotions are tied to hers. When things are really wrong I can tell, no matter how many thousands of miles have separated us. So today as I know she is in a strange place and filled with worry, I am so blue. I am wishing this was all behind her and we were laughing and having a popcorn combo at Target.

To keep her mind busy while waiting at the hospital I made her a little care package. She would like to learn to crochet so I set her up with books, needles, yarn and instructions (and in-case it is just too frustrating—magazines, snacks, notebook, some Irish Cream for her coffee and some Tylenol!). I used my crayon roll tutorial to make a holder for her crochet hooks. I sewed 1″ and 1/2″ pockets for the hooks. I added a little pocket on the bottom corner for yarn needles.


She can keep everything in this tote. I found Colorfool’s Tutorial (for making the handles and tote) and Super Eggplant”s Tutorial (for the construction of the tote) very helpful. It is totally reversible.

So Cat, I hope it brings you comfort knowing that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I thank you so much for all you do for me, especially the joy you bring to my life. I am thankful for your extreme generosity and kindness. I admire you as a person and a mom! I love your desire to grow and evolve! My parents always said be careful who you hang out with because you become them —– I am glad that since the third grade I have hung out with you. You are truly wonderful! See you soon!

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  1. Here in Philly, we have a half dozen world-renowned hospitals, but my dad was sent to Cleveland for his valve repair, which ended up being open-heart surgery. By all counts, they were amazing there, and well worth the trip. I hope all goes well with Catherine’s mom, and I’m sure it will- she’s in good hands.

    And what a beautiful and thoughtful gift you have made your friend. I am sure it will give her comfort in many ways!

  2. well, mom got through the surgery and is doing better than expected. This posting makes me so teary. I am so thankful for YOU Cindy. You are so much more than a creative inspiration — many reading may not know that. You are the best and no words can express my love and thankfulness. So many blessings AND so many laughs and good times. The crocheting… what can I say… how is it that you and I ARE friends? Love and thanks to you–Catherine

  3. i love love love the fabric!! where oh where is it from!? This is such a neat idea…I wish I knew someone who knits so i could make them one!

  4. That is so wonderful! Those bright colors are great, and I’m sure your friend will appreciate something to keep her mind and hands occupied.

  5. You are a wonderful friend – that tote and roll are simply beautiful as is the sentiment. I too have a “Cat” in my life and know how special and important that kind of friendship is. I hope her mom comes through okay and that Cat can relax and enjoy learning to crochet.

  6. Cat is so important to us. Not just you but all of us are so blessed to have her as a friend and someone to lean on. This was beautiful Cindy, you are so blessed to have known Cat for so long. I am glad that she is there for you as you are for her. May God shine down and bless Catherine and her Mom and family. I pray that God is with the physicians and that he is working through and with Cat.

    What would we do without Catherine! It doesn’t take a village but it takes both of you.

  7. True friends are sometimes hard to find and to have nurtured a friendship since the 3rd grade, how awesome! I was looking for a storage roll earlier today to make for my mom and the tote is too cute. Prayers for your friend and her mom and the doctors. Blessings!

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