Hey there, book lovers! Are you ready to spruce up your reading time with some fun projects? We’ve got a treat for you today – our amazing Flower Bookmarks!

Here, you’ll find two sets of bookmarks that you can print and enjoy. They make a great homemade gift for your loved ones. 

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Try these free printable flower bookmarks now!

Now, what’s on these pretty bookmarks, you ask? The first collection is full of gorgeous flower art, all ready to jump into your favorite book. 

The second set? Well, it’s a collection of line drawings for you to color your own flowers. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any day you want to make your own bookmark.

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Flower Bookmark Craft Supplies

Before you dive into making your flower bookmark, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your free Flower Bookmarks PDF download
  • Color printer with color ink
  • White card stock (or paper)
  • Scissors or paper trimmer to cut out the bookmark shape
  • (Optional) Coloring supplies (crayons, pencils, felt pens)
  • (Optional) Laminator machine & lamination pouch
  • (Optional) Hole puncher and pieces of yarn

How to Make a Flower Bookmark

Just follow our super simple step-by-step guide to create your own flower bookmark:

  1. Download the free Printable Flower Bookmark File 
  2. Print on white card stock (or paper)
  3. Color in your bookmarks (if they aren’t already)
  4. Carefully cut around the bookmark
  5. Your new bookmark is ready for your fave hardcover book!
  6. (Optional) Laminate your bookmark
  7. (Optional) Hole punch the top and add a little bit of yarn

You can check out all the stunning bookmarks right here:

Flower Color Print Bookmark

Flower Bookmark Color Print - A collection of four color flowers prints
These beautiful color bookmarks are ready to be printed

Flower Coloring Page Bookmark

Flower Bookmark Coloring Page - A collection of four flower line drawings to be colored
Print these bookmarks and color them yourself!

Dried Flower Bookmark

If you’re a fan of nature and reading, why not combine the two? You can try making a dried flower bookmark. All you need are some pressed flowers and leaves to get started.

First, gather your dried flowers and pressed leaves. You’ll also need some heavy books to help with the pressing process. Place your chosen flowers and leaves between two sheets of parchment paper, and then put them under a stack of heavy books.

Now comes the waiting game! Let them sit for at least 24 hours to make sure they’re completely flat. Once the pressing is done, use a glue stick to stick them to a bookmark-shaped piece of card.

More Fun Arts and Crafts Activities

Looking for more fun ways to fill the time? Good news, we’ve got plenty more exciting activities for you right here:

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