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I am very excited to be a part of Skip to My Lou’s Craft Camp again this summer!

After much thought I picked the embroidered paintings that my kids do every summer.
Here is my son Jeff’s latest creation, his tiger.


This project combines both painting and embroidery.  The kids can get quite elaborate with their stitching or just add a few stitches here and there.

These also make great gifts for the grandparents.  (in case you are starting early on those Holiday projects).


– pre primed canvas from the Dollar Store or Michaels

– acrylic craft paint

– paint brushes

– paper plate

– pencil and eraser

– embroidery floss

– tapestry needle, I prefer the blunt edge ones when working with kids

– scissors


Do a practice drawing on paper to figure out your design first.  For this one I’m making my parrot picture, a painting lesson I have done several times.

Squeeze out some acrylic craft paint onto a paper plate, recycled lid, or whatever you have to act as a palette.
Paint in your background first.  Make sure to go over the edge of the canvas as we won’t be framing these.

When the background has dried start painting in the other elements of your design.  Jeff is painting in the grass here.

Paint in your main design right over top the background.  You can lightly pencil it in first if that helps.

Now Jeff is going to embroidery in the stripes so he has left those out.  Finish your painting and set aside to dry.

Now it’s time to start stitching.  For the kids I thread the needle and then pull the floss all the way thru and knot the 2 ends together.  (You’ll have a double length of thread)  This stops the floss from pulling out of the needle.


My kids do a back stitch instead of a running stitch.  That way there is no gaps in the stitching.

You can see the stitch here.  I’ve gone ahead of the stitch and then now I’ll stitch back into the same hole I used before.


Stitch in as many details as you want.  Outlining design elements works well.


That’s it.
My kids love this project.  They often do the painting part at home and then do the stitching when we are on holidays at the cabin.

We have also done this on just plain canvas cloth.

We then turned the cloth into pillows, purses, rucksacks, etc.

Give it a try and have a great crafty summer




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  1. Hey Christina, I start embroidery with the kids at school in Grade 1 but I had my own kids going at age 4!

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