This Joy to the world embroidered ornament will make a perfect addition to your Christmas tree. Learn how to make your own with the tutorial below.  This easy sewn zippered pouch makes a perfect handmade gift for you to whip up this holiday season! With a little planning you could make several of these handmade gifts for all your girlfriends! Handmade gifts allow you to pick everything and are always made with a little extra love. This month we are sharing over 100 handmade gift tutorials

Whether you are looking for ornaments to expand the decorations on your tree, or you’re looking for simple and heartfelt gifts- embroidered ornaments are a great and inexpensive way to go.  Today I have the free pattern to make this beautiful “Joy to the World” stitching.

Embroidered ornament made from free pattern
Joy to the World embroidered ornament

I designed the pattern to fit these fun ornament frames I found at Hobby Lobby, but it would also fit in a 3″ embroidery hoop. Either way would look darling.















Embroidered Joy to the World Ornament

Supplies you will need:

  • Embroidery floss (specific colors I used are included on the pattern)
  • Embroidery supplies: hoop, needle, scissors
  • Frame or Hoop (3″ in diameter) for final ornament
  • fabric (I used white cotton)
  • Pattern joy-to-the-world-pattern

To create the stitching, just download the pattern and trace it onto a piece of fabric. You can use a water soluble pen or I like to just use a mechanical pencil. Follow the directions in the pattern to stitch it.  To finish the ornament, paint the frame or hoop and glue the stitching to it.  These are quick to stitch up and it would be easy to create a bunch for gifting to neighbors or friends.

These embroidery patterns available for free.
Full set of embroidery patterns


I decided to create a whole set of these patterns and you can find the other five patterns on my blog.  If you’re looking for other ways to freshen up your holiday decor, I hope you’ll check out these other projects:




I’m so glad I could be here to participate in this fun Holiday series and I hope to see you over on my blog or Instagram.  We have a lot of fun!


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