This easy hairstyle for girls.  Ponytail climbers are perfect for swimming. It stays in place and keeps hair out of the face.  For more fun hairstyles you might want to try, check out this post on top ten hair braids.

Easy Girls Hair Style Pony Tail Climbers

easy pony tail climbers

This hairstyle is so simple you almost don’t need a tutorial. You can do this hairstyle in these simple steps.  Start with clean, damp hair. I prefer to work with damp hair when doing braids and other hairstyles. Separate and part into a ponytail. I like to do two ponytails for this style.

pony tail climbers

Simply put in in rubber bands one inch apart all the way down.  I like to use goody rubber bands because they stay in place and don’t slide around. You need the rubberbands to stay in place for this style to look good all day, especially after swimming etc.

easy girls hair style

This style is very forgiving, slide the rubber bands around to make even on both sides.  To prevent chlorine damage (we have blonde hair) you can even coat the hair in hair conditioner before a swim. This helps prevent tangles too! To remove I usually break the bands with clippers or small scissors, I have even broken them with my teeth in a pinch.

hair style for girls

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  1. I have done this to my girls how before but never thought about it for swimming!!

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