Hi there!  I’m Joy from CreativeMamma.com and I am super excited to share this DIY Wall Art it is a fun summer art project that’s great for both kids and grown ups!


  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Reposition-able vinyl letters
  • Brushes, cars, toys, whatever you want to use to paint with (we also used various kitchen tools)

Step one:
Choose your saying or quote and position the letters onto your canvas.  Make sure to press the letters down firmly, so they don’t come off when you start painting.

DIY Wall Art

Step Two:
Get your paints, brushes and toys/tools and start painting.  Watch a little bit of our process.

DIY Wall Art

Step Three:
After you get some great coverage on the canvas, set the canvas aside to dry for about an hour.  Make sure that the acrylic paint is only semi dry around the letters, so you can easily peel the letters off.



Step Four:
Peel the letters off the canvas and touch up the letters with white acrylic paint if needed.



Step Five:
Place proudly around your home!



I hope you enjoy making this art project as much as we did!


Joy TingAfter a carer in elementary education (nine splendid years of teaching art!) I now work as an illustrator and surface designer. Throughout the day and in the wee hours of the morning (I’m a mom to two wonderful boys), you can find me drawing and painting flowers.

Connect with me on Instagram, find free printables on CreativeMamma, and check out my paintings on hiJoyTing.com


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  1. This would be a terrific family project. Each member of the family could create one or more small canvases that can be displayed together in a grid pattern.

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