Whether it is Valentine’s Day or you are looking for a sweet treat. Chocolate is always a favorite! Hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate-covered strawberries, you name it. People love it. Imagine creating a charcuterie board full of all your favorite chocolates. The best part is you can! These chocolate charcuterie board ideas are perfect.

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40 Chocolate charcuterie board ideas

These delicious chocolate charcuterie board ideas are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth or a chocolate lover!

1. Chocolate Charcuterie Board (Dessert Board Ideas)

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-platingsandpairings
A delicious chocolate dip for all your favorites.

Plating + Pairing has put together a chocolate charcuterie board that is not only easy but absolutely delicious. Chocolate dip is paired with pretzels, apple slices, and strawberries to give you a sweet, salty, and savory mix all in one!

2. How to Make a Showstopper Chocolate Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-taste of home
Fruit and chocolate pair nicely.

A chocolate charcuterie board full of chocolates, cookies, pretzels, and even a chocolate chip ball! Taste of Home created a board that includes all of the above and more!

3. How to make the Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas- a new dawnn
Cookies, candies, and cake make for a delicious dessert board.

You can put a mini chocolate cake on a charcuterie board?! My mind is blown. A New Dawnn brings the chocolate dessert board up a notch with mini cupcakes, cookies, and even hot cocoa mix marshmallows.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-bojon gourmet
Add chocolate to a traditional charcuterie board for a delicious treat.

The Bojon Gourmet has created a simple yet delicious chocolate charcuterie board with a combination of large chocolate cookies, cheese, and crackers. This charcuterie board is perfect for your next date night.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas- modern honey
The deep reds and dark chocolate make the perfect chocolate charcuterie board.

Modern Honey has created a simple yet delicious chocolate charcuterie board. It includes milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate truffles, and candies. You’ll also find fresh fruit and a chocolate ganache dip.

6. Chocolate Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-Flavor the Moment
A board with chocolate-dipped figs, salted caramel dip, and chocolate salami.

Flavor the Moment has put together a board like no other! Salted caramel sauce is the star of the show, while fresh fruits, brownie bites, and chocolate-covered figs take a supporting role that is absolutely delicious.

7. Chocolate Charcuterie Board Idea For Christmas

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-the purple pumpkin blog
A holiday dessert board.

If you are a planner and are already counting down the days until next Christmas, the Christmas charcuterie board from The Purple Pumpkin Blog may be worth saving for your next holiday party! Full of red and green chocolate-covered pretzels, candy canes, and more. It will make a great addition to any dessert table this holiday season.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas- damn delicious
A traditional cheese board with a couple sweet treats.

Chocolate and cheese may be the best pairing around. Add a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself the perfect combo! Damn Delicious has transformed a simple cheese board into a beautiful board full of cheeses and desserts.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-wanderlust & wellness
Two chocolate dips are better than one!

This chocolate charcuterie board from Wanderlust & Wellness is filled with delicious and decadent chocolate treats – perfect for just about any occasion and anyone with a sweet tooth. You’ll find this charcuterie board to be the easiest dessert.

10. Chocolate Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-Celebrations at home
A dessert board that is perfect for date night.

A wine and chocolate charcuterie board from Celebrations at home is the perfect addition to any “adult” gathering. Serve a variety of flavored chocolates, nuts, fruits, and even some fun dessert dips like peanut butter.

11. Chocolate Charcuterie Board – Dressed Up For Christmas!

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-bellyfull
A dessert board with a few Christmas touches.

Bellyfull has put together another Christmas-themed chocolate charcuterie board. But don’t worry. You can easily swap out the green and red kisses for silver packaging or the M&M’s for the rainbow colors! But you could still enjoy some warm milk with it!

12. Chocolate Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-lake champlain chocolates
A charcuterie board full of sweet treats.

Lake Champlain Chocolates has put together a chocolate charcuterie board comprising all their best chocolates, like gourmet bars,  chocolate clusters, and sea salt caramels. They even have vegan chocolates available now.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-fresh flavorful
A more traditional charcuterie board with some delicious treats and dips.

If you are looking for a board that is more like a traditional charcuterie board, this board from fresh Flavorful may be perfect. With a couple of sweet treats and small bowls of delicious dips like marshmallow cream and chocolate spread mixed with fresh fruit and soft cheese, it is sure to great any time of year.

14. chocolate covered dessert charcuterie board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-lemon tree dwelling
Chocolate dipped is the theme of this dessert board.

Here’s a board that is full of delicious desserts covered in chocolate. Lemon tree dwelling hits the nail on the head! Instead of just piling the entire board full of chocolates, she includes desserts all dipped or covered in chocolate, like cookies with white chocolate and chocolate chips, chocolate-covered vanilla wafers, and white chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie treats.

15. Chocolate Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-gygi
Chocolate chunks for the win!

GyGI makes a classic charcuterie board into an easy dessert board with some chocolate chunks.

16. Chocolate Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-EsterO's
A simple chocolate charcuterie board, for one.

Yup, if you don’t want to leave the salami out of your chocolate dessert charcuterie board, don’t worry! EstherO’s got a recipe for chocolate salami!


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-gertrude hawk choclates
A large and in-charge chocolate charcuterie board.

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates knows what they are talking about, and they have created the ultimate chocolate charcuterie board using all of their products.

18. How To Make This Chocolate Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-west pack lifestyle
A simple and delicious dessert and fruit board.

Creating a simple dessert charcuterie board doesn’t have to be challenging. West Pack Lifestyle gives you some pointers and step-by-step directions on how to put together a beautiful chocolate charcuterie board. You’ll even see some cotton candy champagne.

19. chocolate lovers ombre charcuterie board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-my sweet savannah
A chocolate dessert board you can’t miss!

Who knew you could make an ombre charcuterie board? my sweet savannah apparently did! Taking it up to the next level, that’s for sure!

20. Make this simple Chocolate Charcuterie Dessert Board for a sweet addition to your holiday cocktail party

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-CBC
A simple charcuterie board with some chocolate additions.

The best thing about charcuterie boards is you can take a simple wooden board and turn it into an appetizer or dessert platter so easily. CBC mixes both before and after-dinner treats on their board.

21. Dessert Charcuterie

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-cookies & cups
A dessert board with a caramel dip.

A gorgeous dessert charcuterie board, Cookies & Cups includes everyone’s favorite treats. But the coolest part of all is the homemade chocolate salami, no need to run to Trader Joe’s!


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-bless this mess
A large charcuterie board full of cheese, sweet treats, and dips.

Cheese boards don’t need just to be crackers, goat cheese, and meats. You can easily add some store-bought items like chocolate hearts, sour candies, and sweet dips to make a board like Bless This Mess.

23. Chocolate and Cheese Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-welcoming table's
Straight forward and delicious.

If you want a traditional snack board but would also love to add some chocolate elements here and there, you might want to check out The Welcoming Table’s chocolate and cheese board.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-halsa nutrition
A simple and delicious charcuterie board with a chocolate drizzle.

I may have been the little girl at all graduation parties and weddings that stood at the chocolate fountain all night. So when it comes to a chocolate fondue board, I’m in! This simple and delicious fondue board from Halsa Nutrition has all my favorite things.

25. How to Make a Chocolate Truffle Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-aprons and stilettos
A truffle-filled board

Chocolate truffles are often a favorite. Aprons And Stilettos features them right in the center of her chocolate truffle charcuterie board.

26. Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-aint too proud to meg
A charcuterie board perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day.

Ain’t Too Proud To Meg can make snack boards for every special occasion possible. Her Valentine’s Day charcuterie board is a sweet treat full of candies, chocolates, and cookies.

27. Chocolate Fondue Recipe

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-mantitlement
A dessert board with sweet, salty, and savory pieces.

Some people like to make things from scratch, and fondue is one of those foods that needs to be made right. Mantitlement shows you how it’s done and gives you simple chocolate fondue, a great option for all dessert boards.

28. How to Create the Perfect Chocolate Fondue Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-design twins
Chocolate fondue with the perfect pairings.

The Design Twins include pound cake, strawberries, and shortbread cookies with their hot chocolate fondue making it a “hot chocolate” lover’s dream.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-simply lakita
Grab a stick and start to dip.

A classic hot chocolate fondue has the perfect dipping power to make any dessert board 10x better. Simply LaKita uses heavy whipping cream, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and just a dash of salt to make hers!

30. How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-food charlatans
A large board full of cookies, candies, dips, and more.

Although dessert and chocolate charcuterie boards seem to always pop up around Christmas and Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them all year round! Why not try the Food Charlatan’s Christmas dessert board in July?

31. How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-rainbow plant life
The deep red and brown chocolate make this charcuterie board shine.

There is something about the dark color of chocolate and the bright red of fruit that just blend perfectly. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you take a look at Rainbow Plant Life’s dessert charcuterie board.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-fork in the kitchen
A simple dessert board that works for everyone.

Chocolate drizzled on popcorn! Fork in the Kitchen adds some dessert elements to create a beautiful charcuterie board. Cheese, cookies, chocolate, and more. Who could ask for anything else?

33. valentine’s day charcuterie board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-oregon dietitian
Hearts galore with this dessert platter.

Some inside tips on making the best chocolate fruit dip are included in this charcuterie board from The Oregon Dietitian! I’ll let you in on one of the secrets, use maple syrup to sweeten your cocowhip! A great way to sweeten it up without overpowering the chocolate.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-sugar and charms

If you want to add a dessert board to your next party, then take a look at Sugar and Charms! It is a chocolate lover’s dream and is created with items you can find in the grocery store.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-chesea's messy apron
A sweet charcuterie board, for one.

Focusing on the chocolate fondue, chelsea’s messy apron gives you a small charcuterie plate that you can fill with your favorite fruits.


chocolate charcuterie board ideas-ginger's kitchen
An easy and straightforward dessert board.

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chocolate charcuterie board ideas-aimee mars living
Frosting, chocolate dip, and desserts

If you have a serving platter, then you can make a beautiful dessert charcuterie board like Aimee Mars Living with grapes, cookies, chocolates, and even a frosting dip. You may feel like you’re eating a birthday cake!

38. Dessert Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-eating gluten and dairy free
A dessert board that anyone will enjoy.

Eating Gluten and Diary Free has the perfect chocolate charcuterie board recipe, angel food cake, graham crackers, and chocolate bars are included. This way, you have some sweet, salty, and savory.

39. Valentine’s Chocolate Fondue Board

chocolate charcuterie board ideas-the bakermama

Any person who enjoys the delicious taste of cookies will absolutely love this dessert charcuterie board from the Bakermama. You’ll have good reason to pull this board out at your next party.

Chocolate charcuterie board ideas may be one of my favorite topics I have ever written about. The cookies, cakes, dips, and other fun things make these boards not only delicious but absolutely beautiful to look at!

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