Booing Printable

    Posted by  ·  October 3, 2013

    It is time to “boo”!!! We love booing at our house. Here are instructions on how to start the boo in your neighborhood.  This year we made it super simple! Just download and print the free booing printable on cardstock. Print an extra copy on regular copy paper to stick with your goodies, so your friends can easily make a copy.

    Cut out the ghost and let him peek out of your treats. We used black lunch sacks. A  black plastic caldron or plastic pumpkin would be cute too!

    booing printable


    Free Booing Printable

    free booing printable

    boo printable

    You might like to see how we have “booed” our neighbors in the past.

    Plastic pumpkin turned into a cat,  “Am I Cat or a Jack”

    Traveling Cone

    Printable Ghost Door Hanger

    Printable Fabric Ghost Bag

    Printable Boo

    Boo Poem

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