In the following days I am so excited to share crafts and activities from some on the most creative minds on the net.  These fabulous bloggers will be sharing one of their favorite children’s books along with a complimentary craft or activity. Our hope is to bring awareness to the Read to Feed Project and also inspire everyone to read and craft with children.  The projects and books that will be showcased here are wonderful!  We are all in for such a treat!

To learn more about Read to Feed go here. Please consider supporting this worthwhile cause. It is a wonderful way to empower our children and help them make a difference in their world. Reading logs and printable information can be found here. Enjoy fun and games online here.


First up is Stacy, from MamasDoodles. Visit her site for a heaping load of fun crafts and colaborative art you can make with your child. Stacy is also known for her unbelieavable tails and tutus.  We are so lucky to have her sharing a tutorial on how we can make a “NO SEW” tutu after reading the book, Fancy Nancy!

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Stacy writes…….



We’re a household of two kids including Kenzie (age 4) and Rylan (age 5 months).  Kenzie is a fancy girl at heart, enjoying all things princessy, fairy-like and frilly.

The book, Fancy Nancy, by Jane O’Connor ranks high with her.

In true Fancy-Nancy spirit — Kenzie finds it perfectly acceptable & necessary to get really dressed up before heading out on a worm hunt.  We’re sure Fancy Nancy feels the same way!! (about dressing up.. but maybe not about worms!)

In support of Fancy Nancy’s embellished-to-the-hilt style, we offer the super-fluffy “NO SEW” tutu tutorial.  This tutorial is for those Mama’s who don’t want to wrestle tulle, invisible thread, and a sewing machine in order to create the tutu of your little girl’s dreams.  It’s so easy – a child can do it herself! (that is, if she can tie her own shoes!)  Your finished tutu will appear similar to the following picture:

Tutu Tutorial

Step 1:Cut and sew elastic to form waistband. I use 20 inches for most of my tutus, which fits most kiddos.

Tutu Tiplet: If you wanna go all pro – there are even fun colored elastic cords that can be used instead of plain old elastic. Or you can use a belt!

Step 2: Cut 4-5 yards of tulle into strips. And, cut, cut, cut some more. I do some thicker strips, some thinner.

Tutu Tiplet: You can use solely tulle. You can also add in streamers of ribbon, or other whimsies tied in here and there. You can use a solid color tulle, or alternate amongst a few different colors.

Step 3: Tie your strips onto the elastic. I vary the length of some, just to give it more poof and visual layering. Align your knots all on one side of the waistband, of course. They don’t HAVE to be crammed together. As long as you use 4 yards worth of tulle, the tutu will be immensely fluffy.

Tutu Tiplet: I put the waist band around my leg, slide up thigh-high..and it makes tying and controlling the tulle a lot easier!

You might find that your little girl can’t stop there with her desire to embellish, if she’s anything at all like Fancy Nancy. In the book, Fancy Nancy gives lessons to her family on how to be just as fancy as she is…  Our resident Fancy Nancy offers FREE Fancy lessons to her little brother.

To help our son with feeling good about himself …in feathers…we also enjoy the following books:

Look At Me! A Book About Differences, by Allia Zobel-Nolan

I like Myself, by Karen Beaumont

Be Fancy …& READ to feed!!

Donations to Read to Feed can be made at Team Skip to my Lou. We will accept donations through September 15th.  Thanks so much for your support!

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  1. I’m sorry, but as I’m usually quite crafty, I feel like I’m missing a step or lost on how “tie” the Tulle to waistband?…..could you please advise…..

  2. Someone has probably asked this already, but where can I get the tutorial on how to make the no-sew tutu that’s similar to the fluffy white tutu in the second picture?

  3. I am so glad my friend Mary linked to this today! I love your tutorial. I was just about to look for some professional ones but these are perfect : ). Thank you!

  4. I love these tutus! Easy to make and look great! I do have a question: How do you make the tutu’s look like the header picture (with the girl on the fence) – I would love to make one similar for my little one! THANKS!

  5. I love Fancy Nancy. What a great project for the book. I’ve made one of these tutus and they’re a cinch. I’ll have to find that book again and read it to my daughter wearing her tutu.

  6. I was just talking to a friend about making one! So glad you posted this and great books too!

  7. oh this is going straight into my ‘what to make my kids for christmas file’ soooo cool!

  8. Oh, I love books with projects that match. With two girls (and a tutu loving boy) you can bet I’ll be whipping some of these up with all the leftover tulle I have from other princess-y projects! Thanks!

  9. Oh, my goodness, what a neat idea! I can’t wait to see what other books and things are showcased.

  10. It looks incredibly easy but I’m skeptical. Is there any way that I can mess it up and tulle can become dangerous? Hmmm . . . maybe I will just give my 4 year old the instructions and let her have at it. She will probably do a much better job 🙂

  11. my girls (4 of them) are total fancy nancy’s…and love the book as well.

    the “i like myself” book is so amazing. i love how it teaches no matter what u look like or what u smell like (ha ha), u are still u at heart. good stuff

  12. oh my gosh! i have to go make one of those RIGHT NOW! and i don’t even have a daughter to put it on!

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