Today we have the wonderful art teacher Gail, from That Artist Woman, sharing an easy way to do batik with kids.

Gail writes…

During the school year I needed to find a kid friendly batik idea. I had done wax batik with kids before but it can be a bit difficult using hot wax. It also is not much fun having to iron away the wax with lots of newspaper. I had heard about glue batik with white glue but the results were disappointing. I stumbled on this blue glue idea and I LOVE IT!!!

It is now the talk of the school because it is so user friendly. So lets get started:

You need this type of glue..Elmer’s Galactic Glue. They also sell a non glitter version which I think will work as well just make sure it is the washable blue gel. I got mine at Michael’s but I know they also carry it at Wal-mart. The Elmer’s Washable School Gel Glue (it’s still blue) and it works even better, finer nozzle, easier to squeeze, washes out faster.

I used 5 bottles for 24 kids and we were able to do 3 projects with it.

I cut my fabric to size and I have a layer of wax paper underneath. Draw your image straight on to your fabric with your glue bottle. For the butterfly I lightly penciled in my design first. The pencil marks come off in the wash stage.

When finished let dry completely about 12 hours.

Now you get to add color. Instead of using fabric dye which could wash out the glue prematurely I use watered down acrylic craft paint. You can almost achieve a watercolor like effect with it. I don’t use fabric paint because it costs more and it only has a bit of softener in it. This works better.

Having fun painting (Jeff age 5).
Make sure you use an art shirt to protect your clothes.

When finished painting let dry completely. Depending on the weight of your fabric this might take a few hours.

When dry you need to soak your fabric in a warm (almost hot) water bath. Depending on the fabric’s weight this soak can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1/2 an hour, (heavier fabrics take longer). I use the bathtub because it works best for a large number of pieces. Don’t worry about the paint coming off you will only get a few flakes of dried color in the water.
To help it along you can also scrub it a bit with a nailbrush.
When the glue is all off the fabric wring out your piece and dry. I use the dryer because I’m impatient and with 24 pieces I wanted it done.

Sew up into your finished project. In this case Jeff wanted a pillow for his room.

This is one of the projects I did with the school for Father’s Day, homemade windsocks. I used very light fabric (polyester lining material) for this one.
We also did a name sign out of heavy canvas for all the kids.

Here is a pillowcase we made for Earth Day.

In all cases the blue glue batik worked terrific!!  Give it a try the possibilities are endless. You could make flags, banners,tote bags,custom shirts or just a nice wall hanging.

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