This year for teacher appreciation week we will be giving each teacher a “days of the week” pill box filled with little treats and sayings. I found the pill boxes at the dollar store.

You may download the sayings if you like –


(I didn’t use the “We are lucky to have you for a teacher” saying. It would go nicely with a lottery ticket!)

Fabric covered tacks fill one of the compartments to tell them they are sharp!



I used Jessica Jones’ fabulous instructions to make the fabric covered thumbtacks


Some purchased colorful clips fill the next compartment

Next up marble magnets

These are simple to make with glass gems (floral department at the craft store), E600 craft adhesive, a 3/4 inch hole punch, 3/4 inch magnets and decorative scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and or magazine scraps. First punch out a circle and glue it to the back of the glass gem. I removed air bubbles by moving paper in a circular motion to distribute glue evenly and then pressing hard. Allow to set. Next glue the magnet to the back of your papered gem. I found it necessary to sort my glass gems to find the largest ones with no scratches or imperfections. If your glass gems are smaller try using a 1/2 inch hole punch and 1/2 inch magnets.

A measuring tape tells our teacher that they really measure up


Change for the soda machine fills another compartment


Small little post-it notes (the kind for marking a page) just fit to say, “Just a note to let you know we think you are a wonderful teacher!”

Some mints to say thank you

Wrapped all up with a little gift tag that reads:

A daily gift for all you do,
Teaching my child each day through.
Making a difference without taking a rest,
As a teacher, you’re one of the best!


Hopefully our teachers will feel appreciated each day!

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  1. I love this unique idea. The possiblilities of what to include in it are endless, and the container can always be used for a center game. I’ve been teaching for 25 years, and have received many different tokens of appreciation during that time. I have enjoyed every single one of them. That includes the orange seed that a child gave me because she knew I loved oranges. She said that I could plant the seed and have as many oranges as I want. What counts is the kind gesture, not the actual item. Please don’t let any of the comments posted here discourage you from encouraging a teacher.

  2. Appalling! I was so shocked when I read Ellie’s comment. How ungrateful and uncaring can a person be?!!! While I do know a few teachers who would think the same thing as her, I do believe most teachers would be thankful for the time and energy put into this crafty idea; not to mention thought and love that was put into it.

    Our district is one of the poorest in this half of the state. Many of our children’s families struggle with simply making ends meet. Gifts for the classroom are greatly needed. These could be crafting supplies, pencils, sharpie markers, crayons, rulers, books, binders, etc. The ideas in this craft are wonderful in the way that teachers need to pin things to their bulletin boards, hold papers together, and mark where students are in their reading books or placing notes in your lesson plans. Some of us are fortunate to have magnetic boards in our classrooms where we need strong magnets to hold things to the board.

    Most teachers in my school will at one time or another use the soda vending machine. The coins would be put to good use – the teacher can choose to buy soda, water, or juice – what ever flavor they desire and whenever they want it.

    Just the thought that a child or their parent wanted to thank me for the work I have tirelessly performed is exciting. Yes we could use a good letter to the Principal or the Human Resources Director and we could use a gift card to whatever place you desire, but its not the only thing in the world that counts. Prices of a gift received should never be equal to your appreciation.

  3. This is a really cute idea. My preschool staff would be tickled to receive this. They get a lot of mugs, candles and lotions- enough to open a store which is why homemade is great. As a Director at a school we run a very tight budget and while I love to splurge on stuff like post-its (yes- it’s a splurge) I cannot always buy these cutesy things for the staff. My girls would love this. The would continue to refill it with treats or use it for math sorting or surprises and stuff. I would continue to refill it myself with bite sized chocolates and notes just to show them we care.

    A hand written note is always wonderful as well. Most of my staff tape these notes to the inside of their cabinets to remind them why they do what they do when it’s been a tough day. I have notes from 15 years ago…..and ornaments….and even a macaroni necklace from little Elani given to me in 1997. (It’s missing a few noodles though) 🙂

    Moms thank you for all your crafts, notes and cheesy gifts- please do not ever think they are not appreciated. They truly are. Parents do not need to spend $$, just put thought and love into it.

  4. AS A TEACHER-This gift is amazing! It is so sweet and made with love! I treasure each mug, letter and gift and always think of that special student who gave it to me when I look at it/use it. Thank you for sharing your love <3

  5. Love this idea and so many of the ideas on this website. I was in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week for many years (and still am) and we would look for ideas to give the teachers and staff (75 people) a daily treat. Although some of the above posters sound as though they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, most of us have to work with a slim budget. All of the teachers were more than elated with the clever ideas and thoughts. Although my daughter has moved on from elementary school, the teachers there still comment on the gifts and treats they received while I was there.
    I, myself, have been a dance teacher for more than 35 years and I have received some of the most “amazing” gifts. When you see the child run in with their gift for you and their eyes are lit up, you can’t help but appreciate it!!

  6. I have a few things to say. First of all, this is soooooooo cute…I want!
    Adorable! Wish I could have given this to my teachers!!
    Second, I KNOW teacers appreciate gifts… they my not cost a lot of money or something they would have seen and bought or made, but they would still find a place for them. When I was in elementary school, I made my teacher a name poem. You know, where you write their name down the page and then come up with kind words that start with that letter in their name. Well, everyday at school I saw that hanging up in the classroom. And third, I want to speak directly to Ellie. Ellie, I don’t know who told you that a gift like that is not appreciated, but you need to wake up and smell the roses! I mean really, these are tough economical times and some people don’t make a ton of money so they don’t go and buy tiffany earrings for Ashley’s favorite teacher! A gift is a gift no matter how well made or how expensive. Plus, what teacher can’t use post-it notes, and magnets, ect? With a clever saying, too.
    Oh and one more thing, call a therapist and buy your self something nice for Christmas. Whatever you do, do NOT buy a mug… or an apple realated item.

  7. it is ALWAYS the thought that counts…
    and I am sure the Ellie said her peace and left…
    I like the idea of an I think of you gift and feel this is appropriate….for me.
    My sons teacher is one of my good friends….

  8. I loved doing things for my sons teachers when he was young and tried to give thought to what the teacher could use — never bought an apple related gift or mug. However, it got to the point at our school that a week of gifts was expected and children who couldn’t do it were embarrassed. How many jobs are gifts of any type expected — do you give them for your banker, postal carrier, property tax assessor for doing their job? A gift should be from the child’s heart and in the form of a thank you letter, not ‘stuff’. I subbed and heard how teachers talked about gifts and they often asked for kids to be in their class because they knew the mom did the best gifts. I love this cute idea though — it’s a fun gift. And teachers need to remember gifts of any kind cost MONEY and TIME from the parents.

  9. Love the idea and I was a former teacher. Cheesy or not, it is a token of appreciation. It was a rude comment that should never have been made. Where was her sense of humor or feeling of gratitude? Wonder what her attitude is in her classroom?

  10. Thought this was a great idea and was preparing list to make, but then read some comments and started to question myself. However, I too think any teacher would LOVE to receive these items. They can all be used and with budget cuts in schools, I think it would be useful.

    On a different note, at the beginning of school, I typed up a “Getting to Know my Teacher” questionaire asking them simple things like their favorite color, restaraunt, snack, candy, cookie/dessert, coffee/soda, one thing they’d like for their class room, etc. So for birthday, Christmas and teacher appreciation I can get them something I know they like. While I know they’d truly appreciate anything (afterall, it is the thought that counts), I’d hate to send Chocolate cookies if they prefer sugar… Just an idea…

  11. Wow, Ellie. I pray that my children NEVER have to sit in your classroom. I almost started second-guessing all of the appreciative gestures that my children and I do for their teachers. I have a great appreciation and love for my kids’ teachers and we have fun showing them how much we love them. Why would you try to take that away from all of the teachers that DO appreciate that? Maybe it’s time for you to retire. I did my own rendition of this idea about 3 years ago and am repeating it this year for my boys’ teachers. The teachers always love them.

  12. I’ve always taught my own children to thank EVERYONE for ANY gift they receive. Seems adults need to do the same thing. It’s the thought of the giver that counts…

  13. I have been very involved in my children’s school (PTA Pres, ect.) and I think this is SO CREATIVE and a wonderful token to teachers. ANd to the teachers who do not appreciate the love that goes into a project such as this perhaps are burned out and should find a new career…seriously!

    THANK YOU for giving us such a unique cute way to thank our teachers on a budget that many PTA’s are on! WAY TO GO!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for helping SO many of us!!!

  14. I never comment on blogs but Ellie’s comment made me so mad I had too. Clearly she was not taught the value of an appreciative gesture no matter how small. I am sad that there are people in the world like her. I LOVE this idea and all your others and believe that when appreciation is expressed it should not matter how it is packaged. Thank you for your creative ideas! Ellie, I hope you can some therapy as you clearly have some deep issues.

  15. Fabulous idea!! I linked your post to my blog because I wanted to share the cuteness. I hope to get the supplies this weekend so I can send it in early next week to my kids teachers. Thanks for the printable link as well, I am super excited about this one.

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