I made this juice bag pencil pouch for my son’s first day of school.  He really wanted the Kool-Aid Sport juice bags (because they look Cool) but the store was out and this is what we had.

You need 4 juice bags and an 8 inch zipper for this little pencil case. If you need a larger pencil bag try 3 bags lined up vertically.

Cut a slit in the bottom of each empty juice bag and rinse.  Allow bags to dry.

Lay two bags end to end, one on top of the other. They should measure 9 1/2 inches in total length. Stitch through the bags at the bottom of the top bag. I found a heavy duty needle (like for denim) helpful.  I was also using a heavy duty thread. Repeat for other size.

Stitch one side of the zipper to the top of the bags —right sides together.

Notice carefully where to stop stitching.  Do not stitch to edge.

Stitch the other side of bag to the zipper, again right sides together.

Lay zipper and bags flat and top stitch down each side of zipper.

Bring bags together wrong sides together.  Fold zipper ends down on each side.

Starting at top side stitch down the side, across the bottom and up the other side.

I  trimmed off just a little on each side to make it even.

There you go, a recycled pencil bag!

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  1. I never sew anything but i do want to make my kids the so
    COOL pencile pouch. They ask me to make them all one —
    5 kids– I guess it’s time to learn how to sew?! I do need to ask do i need to tie a knot anywere?? Some one please help me?? smcmay78@yahoo.com

  2. I love finding uses for those things. This week I turned a few of them into luggage tags…

  3. WoW – how would have thought of this? I just came across your site yesterday and bookmarked it. I love it! I’ll be sure to be a daily, if not, weekly reader.

    I’ll have to try my hand at the cooler pouch. The zipper can be a bit tricky, but I’ll do my best. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Thanks for the How To! I am still learning on putting zippers in. I made a few bags last week and still am not happy with finished product. I know it just takes practice!

    Love your blog!

  5. Great idea. I’m typically afraid of zippers but I might try to give it a whirl with your great instructions.

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