We enjoyed this beautiful day with a long walk and a collection of acorns. The acorns needed a special home, a crochet covered acorn necklace.


This wonderful idea is from Resurrection Fern, a beautiful and thoughtful blog.  For instructions visit Resurrection Fern’s Covered Acorn Necklace Tutorial. I used a US size D crochet hook.  I did have to increase the diameter on the last two rows to 15 stitches. I did this by adding SC two times in every other stitch. My chain for the necklace was about 125 stitches.


Now our acorns have a special home. Be sure to get extra acorns because it is a bit of a crisis if one falls out!

AcornKate AcronBella

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  1. This is the perfect solution to a randomly collected acorn problem. An acorn home, how clever! I have started a blog to keep track of the crochet patterns I find on the web. I hope you don’t mind I linked to one of your photos with a link back to your site. I am so inspired by all the creative bloggers out there! Thank you for sharing this!

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