Kids love to be creative, and a fun way to get them working on their art skills is through free coloring pages.

Today, we have a range of tree coloring pages that will delight both young and old. From palm trees to maple trees, fruit trees, and the good old Christmas tree, of course, we’ve got you covered.

So grab your coloring pencils, coloring markers, or crayons and start coloring that tree branch, leaves, and surroundings now!

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Our tree coloring sheets are perfect for preschoolers and kids of all ages and helps them learn to concentrate for extended periods, enhances their creativity, teaches them skills like how to shade, and improves their fine motor skills at home and in classrooms.

For moms and dads, and here’s a fun fact, these can be used as an adult anti-stress coloring page where applying bright colors to different types of trees, such as a tall pine tree shown in high quality, can ease away the troubles of the day through art therapy.

Allow your children to pick those that they’d prefer to color and download our free printables in standard US letter size separately as PDFs, or better yet, get them all and make up a coloring book filled with various species of trees.

Happy coloring!

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Art Supplies for Tractor Coloring Pages

Free Tree Coloring Pages

A cute tree coloring page featuring a single cartoon tree.
Cute tree coloring page for children featuring a tree with a smiling face.
Add some color to make this cute tree pop!
Cartoon of trees for a tree coloring page
Here’s a tree family to color!
A single tree trunk with a few branches making up a cute coloring page.
This tree trunk is waving at you!
A cartoon tree
Another perfect tree coloring page for the young ones to tackle.
pine tree coloring page for adults
Here are a couple of pine trees for older kids (or mom and dad) to try out.
Adult tree coloring page featuring three tall trees!
So tall, these trees are reaching for the stars!
A beautiful tree coloring page for adults featuring a tree with lots of leaves.
That’s a lot of leaves to color. Remember to use different colors to really make it pop.
Tree coloring page featuring two trees standing in a grassy area
Another coloring page where you can really go to town, making the leaves look beautiful.
A tree coloring page featuring coconut trees.
These coconut trees are a welcome sign on any beach!
A tree coloring page featuring a willow.
Beautiful! Even more so when you add some color.
A tree coloring page featuring a red maple tree.
These red maple trees are stunning!
A tree coloring page featuring two ash trees.
This detailed coloring page features two ash trees. Give them a go!
A tree coloring page featuring a large cedar tree.
This cedar tree is simply stunning.
Tree coloring page featuring cherry trees.
Cherry trees not only give us beautiful fruit, they are fun to color too.
A tree coloring page featuring a christmas tree.
A Christmas tree—the best tree of all!
A tree coloring page featuring a conifer Christmas tree.
Conifers make the best Christmas trees!
A tree coloring page featuring a fig tree.
Add some color to this gorgeous fig tree.
A tree coloring page featuring an apple tree full of fruit.
Make sure you color those beautiful apples.
A tree coloring page featuring a juniper tree.
Have you ever seen a juniper tree?
A tree coloring page featuring a cute cartoon tree.
Here’s another one for young kids to try their coloring skills on.
A tree coloring page featuring three cartoon trees.
Another tree family looking for some color to brighten their day.
A cartoon tree coloring page.
What a happy tree! You would be too if you grew in such a beautiful garden.

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

If you want more printable coloring pages, you’ll find lots more here:

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