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‘Toad’ally Cool Pencil Pops

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I have talked about pencil pops before. I think they make the best party favors. They work great for hard candy suckers …

or melted candy coating.


Candy coating
pencil pops
valentine pencils
plastic bags
candy molds (mold need to have a place for the plastic pencil pop, see picture)


Place plastic pencil pops into mold.

Melt candy coating slowly in microwave.  It is important to not overheat as it will scorch. I used about 38 candy disks to fill the mold of six frogs. Fill molds.

Gently tap mold to make sure there are no air bubbles and candy coating has completely filled the mold.

Allow to completely cool and harden. Remove from molds.

Place small plastic bag over candy from and tie with a ribbon.  Labels can be made by downloading tag, printing on paper, cutting them out and wrapping around pencil and fastening with glue stick.

You are ‘Toad’ally awesome tag download

The same molds could be used to make gummi frogs. How about placing some in a baggie and stapling a tag to the top. Learn how to make Homemade Gummi Candy here.

You are ‘toad’ally awesome plastic bag topper (fits most ziploc type bags)


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