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Handkerchief Scarf

Surprise Me!

I love the colors and patterns of vintage hankies. I have my grandmother’s hankies and am always thinking of ways to use them without cutting them (I don’t know way that bothers me!). So here is away to use them to wear them! Make them into a beautiful scarf! This handkerchief scarf would make a lovely handmade Mother’s Day gift!

Find 6 or so handkerchief scarfs that are the same with. This did takes some effort and I had to supplement with some handkerchiefs I found at an antique store. They usually cost less than $2.00.

Sew the handkerchiefs right sides together. Sew as close to the rolled hem of the handkerchiefs as you can.

Now you have a fun new accessory or a beautiful handmade gift!


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