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Cindy sent me an email asking if I could turn her cupcake wrapper template into a digital template and then give her readers some tips on using it. I gladly accepted the challenge!

My friend Dani was also sweet enough to let me share a couple of her digital Halloween papers with you for this project. If you like these papers, you can find the rest of the collection here and the rest of the digital kit right here.


First, if you are not a digital scrapbooker already, you will need some photo editing software. Check your computer, because a lot of printer, scanners, and cameras come with Photoshop Elements (PSE), which is GREAT program. If you don’t have any software already, you can read an article here about how to choose a program. This tutorial is done using PSCS3, because that’s what I use, I will make some adjustments for PSE users, but you can also find a similar tutorial for using templates here. She is using a different template, but all of the concepts are the same.

As you are working on this, remember that edit>undo or ctrl+z (keyboard shortcut for undo) is your best friend! If you make a mistake, just undo and try again!! Let’s get started!

1) Open the Cupcake Wrapper Template and papers into your program and then click on the little squares so your windows will be tiled.


2) Select the move tool which looks like this:


3) Click on one of the papers and hold down the shift key while dragging the paper onto the template, release the mouse first and then the shift key. By holding the shift key and releasing it last, your paper will automatically be centered. Click on the second paper to select it and repeat shift+drag+drop. Whichever paper you brought into the template last will be the paper that is showing, like this:


4) Now we need to take a look at the layers pallet on the far right side of your screen. We will be moving some things around. Make sure that the top paper layer is selected and blue, like it is here (if it is not selected, simply click on it to select it):


5) Now, you will click on the the top paper layer and drag it until it is between the two wrapper shapes and then drop it there. It will look like this right before you drop it:


Your layers should be in this order and your pallet should now look like this:


6) Make sure the top paper layer is selected by clicking on it. Here is where things will be a little bit different depending on what program you are using. If you are in PSE or PSCS you will click on ctrl+g (hold the ctrl key down while clicking g). If you are using PSCS 2, 3, or 4 you will click on ctrl+alt+g. The paper should have taken on the shape of the cupcake wrapper and look like this:


7) Select the other paper layer by clicking on it and repeat, (ctrl+g OR ctrl+alt+g depending on your program). Now your wrappers should look like this:


Now you are ready to print. When you print, make sure that you don’t “scale the image to fit” at all and that you select landscape mode. If you scale it to fit, they won’t fit your cupcakes! :) After printing you are ready to cut out the wrappers and paste the ends together.

The great thing about templates, is you can use any digital papers you want, so you can use these same wrapper with fall papers, Christmas papers, Winter papers….you get the idea. We have some links to some great sites that have free quality digi supplies to share to get you started here. If you think you might want to buy some great digital supplies The Daily Digi offers a HUGE grab bag (with several kits in it) for $5 each month here and you can see what’s in it here.


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