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Candy Matters Valentines by Paper and Pigtails

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YAY!! I am so excited that I was invited over here to share a printable Valentine idea with you all! I had the good fortune of meeting Mrs. Skip to My Lou in person last week and she is just one amazing, sweet, and beautiful lady, so getting to post on her blog this week is an extra treat!!



As a mom of two small kids, I love valentines that don’t sugar my little ones up…but sometimes it’s nice to have some candy valentines for the moms kids. I mean, candy matters, right? I personally love candy…and sometimes I also love using hashtags like a tween (that is totally normal, right?). I decided to create some Candy Matters Valentines this year for my candy and hashtag loving friends of all ages. Using baggy toppers allows you to fill your bag with any of your favorite candies! I used Sixlets, Celebration Gumballs, and chocolate balls from Sixworks so I could stick with certain colors, but chocolate hearts would be cute too! There is a different hashtag on each side of the topper, and two toppers per page.





AND because obviously Valentine’s Day is about so much more than just candy, I did add a “Happy Valentine’s Day” at the bottom!

I also wanted to add in a special printable valentine for all of my blogger friends… you know it’s true.



My name is Kori Clark and I am a mom, illustrator, watercolorist, graphic designer, and blogger! I love to share free printables, designs I am working on, tips for creatives, smiles, sunshine and more!

I hope you love my printables for Valentines day! This year, I also shared some fun “sugar free” kids Valentines on my blog like this Glow Stick Valentine , and this Rainbow Loom Valentine, along with an assortment of previous Holiday designs in this post!

Y’all come on over and see me sometime!


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