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Welcome to the Bake Craft Sew Along! If you love to sew then you won’t want to miss a day of sewn handmade gift ideasAccording to Kelly is featuring gifts that can be crafted and A Southern Fairytale is sharing recipes perfect for making edible gifts!


Thanks to Cindy for asking me to write a guest post for this holiday series! My name is Ellen Luckett Baker, and I’m author of 1, 2, 3 Sew from Chronicle Books. My book is full of simple projects organized in groups of three, with each project in a set becoming progressively more challenging so that you can build your skills as you learn to sew. I am also a fabric designer and my latest fabric collection, Stamped, from the Japanese company Kokka, will be coming to stores soon! Over on my blog, The Long Thread, I share crafts, sewing and kids’ projects, along with my love for handmade goods. I live in Atlanta with my husband and two daughters.

Today I wanted to share my quick instructions for a lined coin pouch. Here I used some of my new linen/cotton blend fabric for Kokka in a festive red and white pattern. These pouches are the perfect gift for just about anybody. Fill with money or a gift certificate, little baubles for the kids, jewelry for mom, or make different sizes for other uses — a glasses case, a pouch to attach to your key ring, a cell phone case, or a larger pouch to be used as a handbag. If you add boxed corners to the bottom, you can create an even roomier pouch. These instructions will work with whichever size purse frame you choose. Here I’ve used a sewing method to attach the pouch to the frame, but frames without holes are available and you simply need to use a heavy-duty glue to attach the fabric to these frames. The metal frames are available at many sewing stores and can be found on Etsy in many shapes with fun clasps and a variety of colors. These take under an hour to make, but if you choose to opt for the glue method, you can cut the time in half.

If you aren’t interested in sewing but love the look of handmade, check out these adorable pouches from Etsy seller Misala Handmade.

Simply click on the image below to view the .pdf instructions. Just print and sew. Happy Holidays!



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