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How To Make A Tutu Skirt [No-Sew Tutorial]

Learn how to make a no-sew tutu with this super quick and easy step by step tutorial. You read it right there is no sewing involved – Yay!

Author Cindy Hopper


  • 5 yards Tulle (Use 5 yards of tulle for a child-size tutu and at least 6 yards for an adult-size tutu.)
  • 1 Elastic headband
  • Elastic cord (Use the elastic cord when an elastic headband is not available.)


  1. Start by cutting strips of tulle.  Cut the entire 5 yards of tulle into 4 or 5 inch wide strips. It doesn't have to be perfect and the width of the strips can be varied. When you buy tulle it is folded once lengthwise on the bolt. Fold the tulle in half again lengthwise to make the cutting go quicker.

  2. Open each strip up so it is folded in half one time like it was when it came off the bolt. Fold this strip again, finding the middle. You might skip the second fold if making for an adult.

  3. Place the elastic headband on your upper thigh to make tying the strips of tulle onto the band easier. Place the middle of the strip that is folded in half under the elastic band.

  4. Reach under and through the loop grasping the strip.Pull the tail through the loop.

  5. This makes a slip knot, pull snug. Be careful tying tulle strips around the elastic band to not stretch out the band.

  6. Continue tying all of the strips evenly onto the elastic band.

  7. If the waist of the tutu needs to be adjusted, tie a knot in the elastic band.

  8. TaDa! Now you have made a super simple tutu that is perfect for costumes and play! Don't forget a wand and crown to make this tutu an extra special homemade gift.  This tulle tutu is a great way to avoid the cost of boutique skirts and create your own special birthday outfit for any little girl.  Coordinate the skirt to the birthday theme, and you will have a picture-perfect outfit!

Recipe Notes

  1. Child-size tutu skirt: Use an elastic headband for the waist.  This way you don't need to measure elastic. If you do not have an elastic headband you can use the elasticized cord. To cut the elastic cord to size wrap it around the child's waist. Make sure it is snug. Leave a little bit to tie a knot. The excess allows you to resize as necessary to do this adjustment undo and move the knot.
  2. Adult-size tutu skirt: The elastic headband we used for the child-size tutu might not be large enough.  To determine the length of elastic needed for an adult-sized tutu, wrap a piece of elastic around an adult waist.  Tie the elastic in a knot so it fits snugly.
  3. Adult-size tutu skirt: Remove elastic and begin tying on the tulle strips. If you need a longer tutu don't fold the tulle the second time before tying onto the elastic.  This might make the tutu not as full, but it will give it more length.  Just add more strips of tulle.