Unicorn Valentines will be a hit with kids that love unicorns! Print them for free.

Your child might like to make a matching Unicorn Valentine Box. or make them an easy unicorn drawing.

four styles of unicorn with rainbow lollipop horns

Unicorn Valentines

A rainbow lollipop stands in for the unicorn horn and provides a sweet treat.

free printable unicorn valentine with sucker horn

Download the file, print in color on heavy white cardstock. I typically email the file to my local copy shop and have them print for the brightest copies possible. There are 4 to a page. Print as many copies as you need!

Printable Unicorn Valentines

printable unicorn valentines without horns

Unicorn Valentines Supplies

  • printable
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • twisty pops ( I have seen these at Wal-Mart in the party/wedding section, Party City, Oriental Trading and Amazon. I purchased mine from Amazon affiliate link)
  • tape

rainbow twisty sucker tape hole punch scissors printable unicorn valentine

Cut out the individual cards. Use a hole punch to make a hole between the ears in the mane.

hole punch unicorn valentine

Feed the sucker stick through the hole and fasten with tape on the back. I twisted the sucker the same direction and the package was sealed to make it go in easier.

tape sucker on back of card

There you have it a darling Valentine that lets your friends know they are magical!

unicorn valentine with rainbow candy horn

A super easy Valentine that kids will have fun making for their friends.

unicorn valentine with candy horns

If you have a unicorn loving child, they might love making a unicorn stick horse.

If you are looking for more ideas for cute Valentines. I have a collection of cute sayings for Valentines. I have even taken all those sayings and made gift tags.

You might also like one of these 100 printable Valentine cards.

printable valentines

I love printable valentines. Here are some of my favorites. The slime one is sure to be a hit with the kids (maybe not the parents) We make loads of slime at our house, here is how to make slime. Not pictured here are Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers (glow sticks). They are perfect for the Star Wars fan.

Kids Valentine Cards

Your child will have the cutes cards for Valentine’s Day and have fun making them. Here are a few more Valentine printables.

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  1. These are legit magical 🙂 Such a creative idea, and honestly I would be so freakin excited to get this as a kid. Heck, I’d even be excited to get these now, as an adult!

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