Top of the morning to you: 16 St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Ideas

    Posted by  ·  February 19, 2016
    Making a special breakfast doesn’t have to hard make it a little fun with these St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Ideas! Click through these fabulous recipes for some St. Patrick’s Day fun!  For more St. Patricks Day fun check out these St. Patrick’s Day Coloring pages.
    Rainbow Waffles
    This might require a bit of work, but it is over the top fun!
    breakfast ideas
    You are my Lucky charm!
    I love the fact that you can put this breakfast together the night before and surprise your family the following morning.
    breakfast ideas

    Shamrock Eggs
    You don’t have to dye your eggs green with food coloring to bring some St. Patty’s Day fun to your breakfast table with this simple recipe.

    breakfast ideas

    Green Pancakes and Green Milk
    Quick and easy breakfast! Kids will love their breakfast favorites with a touch of green!

    breakfast ideas

    Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls 
    Love cinnamon rolls? Spin it into something fun for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

    breakfast ideas
    St Patrick’s Breakfast Casserole
    This rich and cheesy breakfast casserole is a family favorite. Make it for special occasions.
    breakfast ideas

    St. Patrick’s Breakfast Burrito
    Go green- in honor of St. Patrick’s day. It’s about the closest thing you will ever get to eating “Green Eggs and Ham”.

    breakfast burritostpatrick
    Rainbow Poptarts
    What’s more fun that rainbow anything?  Double Rainbow anything!! These poptarts are filled with a fresh, rainbow fruit filling, baked until golden brown, then topped with a drizzle of sweet, rainbow icing.
    rainbow poptarts
    Green Crepes
    Did your Mom ever make green pancakes? Take it one step further and try celebrating all things green with some green crepes today!
    Green Eggs and Ham Donuts
    This crazy spin disguises donuts for green eggs and ham!

    green-eggs-donuts-2-wordsStrawberry Green Pancakes
    Fun and simple variation on the regular green pancake recipe!

    stawberry green pancakes

    Avocado on Toast
    If you are looking for a more healthy and green breakfast item try this recipe.


    Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes
    Instead of just coloring the same old pancakes green, I thought we would give Mint Chocolate Chip pancakes a try.

    breakfast ideas
    Stacked Rainbow Pancake Breakfast
    Just one trip to the grocery store, you will have everything you need to make this amazing breakfast!
    rainbow pancakes by Worth Pinning
    Rainbow on a stick skewers!
    Healthy and easy these fruit sticks are the perfect addition to any celebratory breakfast!
    rainbow on a stick

    St. Patrick’s Day Muffins
    If you feel like rainbow pancakes might be above your skill level, we’ve got the perfect St. Patricks Day recipe for you.



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