Hi everyone, it’s Vanessa from Tried & True and I know I’m not the only one who can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about school starting back up again next month? It seems like just yesterday we were making teacher appreciation gifts! Oh well, all good things must end and soon Summer will, unfortunately, go the way of Spring.


I thought it would be fun to have my son document some of the things he did during his break with these little Summer Memory Booklets. They’re super easy to make (all you need is a normal printer paper and some scissors!) and if you keep them in a safe place, would be tons of fun to pull out years from now and see what your kids were into!

Summer Memory Booklets


Step One. Depending on the age of your child, all these steps are easy enough for even my five year old to do on his own. Don’t worry if they don’t make it absolutely perfectly, adds to the charm! Fold the Summer Memory Booklets Free Printable in half and cut along the dotted line in the center.


Step Two. Continue folding the page until you have a panel 1/8 the size of your original sheet.


Step Three. Open up the sheet and lay flat. Pinch the middle crease upward.

Summer-Memory-Booklets-5Step Four. Maneuver sheet into an “x” shape and making sure the front and back cover are in the right position, press to create booklet.


Step Five. You have officially made a Summer Memory Booklet!


Step Six. Have your child enter in all their best Summer memories!


Precious Memories

Even though Summer isn’t over yet, my son was so eager to start filling out the movie booklet, I couldn’t say “no!” Once he’s filled all of the booklets out, I’m totally planning on storing them somewhere safe for the many Summers to come. I’m even wondering if these will fit on a scrapbook page? It’ll be so sweet to look back on these 15 years from now and see that his favorite movie of 2015 was Minions! Hope you guys enjoy these booklets and have a great rest of the Summer!


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