Stuck On You Hair Clip Valentine

    Posted by  ·  January 2, 2017

    Looking for the cutest Valentine? I hope you will agree this Stuck On You Hair Clip Valentine is it! I am all about printable Valentines! I have even created a huge database with over 100 printable Valentines for you to choose from.
    stuck on you hair clip Valentine

    Covered Button Hair Clip

    Making a covered button hair clip is super easy. First grab a cute covered button. You can make your own. I have a simple little tutorial, you don’t even need any tools. Just check out my How To Cover A Button tutorial. I have also seen covered buttons by finding them in the scrapbooking isle at a craft store. It doesn’t even have to be a covered button either. What about a button or other object glued to the clip? I found these hair clips by the ribbon at Michaels.

    covered button hair clip tutorial

    Remove the shank from the button so the back is flat.

    covered button hair clip remove shank

    Hot glue the button to the hair clip. How easy is that?

    covered button hair clip glue on clip

    Stuck On You Hair Clip Valentine

    Download and print the stuck on you printable in color on white cardstock.

    {stuck on you Valentine printable}

    Stuck on you Valentine supplies

    With an exacto knife make a tiny slit for the hair clip to slip into.

    stuck on you hair clip valentine how to

    Place the hair clip on to the card and give to your Valentine. How cute!

    stuck on you printable Valentine

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