Shaving Cream Eggs – Fun and Easy!

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    Shaving cream eggs are a great way to make your eggs tie dye.  While it is a bit messy kids love the feel of shaving cream so this is an extra fun way to color Easter eggs! Dying eggs is an activity that most everybody loves. Have you ever EGGED someone! This Easter activity shows you how to egg someone nicely and have loads of fun in the process. Be sure to print off some dinner conversation starters for your Easter dinner.  It is a sure way to have a fun and memorable Easter dinner.
    shaving cream dyed eggs

    Shaving Cream Egg Supplies

    • shaving cream
    • food coloring (we used gel food coloring from Chefmaster)
    • boiled or blown out eggs (we used boiled)
    • large pan
    • toothpicks
    • rubber gloves


    shaving cream eggs supplies

    How to make shaving cream eggs

    Spray shaving cream in a pan with sides.  Shaving cream needs to be about 1/2 inch thick.

    shaving cream in pan

    Drop food coloring onto the shaving cream.

    food coloring on shaving cream

    With a toothpick pull through the colors making a marbelized effect.

    marbleize shaving cream

    Roll the egg on top of the shaving cream.

    roll eggs in shaving cream

    Leave the eggs covered in shaving cream for about 30 minutes.

    eggs covered in food coloring and shaving cream

    Rinse the eggs under water and reveal beautiful tie dye eggs.

    how to dye eggs with shaving cream how to dye Easter eggs shaving cream food coloring

    Tips for making shaving cream eggs

    • Wear rubber gloves
    • Don’t mix the colors too much into the shaving cream.  The brightest colored eggs happened in the areas where the dye was sitting on top of the shaving cream.
    • Lining the pan with aluminum foil will bake for easier cleanup.

    Easter egg decorating ideas

    Here are some more fun Easter egg decorating ideas:

    How to dye eggs with food coloring

    food coloring eggs

    Glitter Eggs


    dying eggs with silk tiesSilk-Tie-Dyed-Egg.jpg

    Chalkboard painted eggs

    chalkboard painted eggs

    Hope you have fun coloring eggs! It is always a fun time at our house! We love eggs.  Have you seen my egg tree?  It is a collection of eggs we collected while living overseas.


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    1. Saturday, March 31st, 2018
      Just wondering with the eggs colored in shaving cream can you still peel and eat them after wards
      • Cindy
        Monday, April 2nd, 2018
        Lynn, We did! We used edible food coloring.