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Printable Thanks A Latte Gift Card Holder {Teacher Appreciation}

Posted by  ·  April 14, 2011  ·  Last Updated: November 12, 2018
The perfect way to thank a teacher! A printable “Thanks A Latte” gift card holder is the cutest way to give a gift card……and teachers love gifts cards.
I think it’s safe to say that most teachers are fans of some type of coffee house and I think it’s safe to say that most of us appreciate all that those teachers do…
a latte!!
(a lot – get it?)

Thanks a latte card supplies

With just a few supplies you can make your own gift card holder.

  • Thanks a latte print found here (I had them printed out at Costco)
  • a coffee sleeve
  • white or kraft cardstock
  • twine
  • stapler and double-sided tape (or other adhesive)
  • gift card for Starbucks (or another coffee house)
  • printer (if you don’t send it to be printed)
  • scissors
thanks a latte printable

How to make thanks a latte for all you do card

  1. attach the print to a 5.5″ x 7.5″ piece of cardstock
  2. trim the coffee sleeve to 4″ wide (cutting with the corrugated lines)
  3. place a piece of double-sided tape to the very bottom of the sleeve and attach to print
  4. staple sides of the sleeve and insert card
  5. tie some fun twine around your gift
**for extra fun, place the card inside of a paper pastry bag and hand out to all of those well-deserving teachers.
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  1. natalie
    Monday, April 22nd, 2019
    This states it's a 5x7 size - which is what I want, but it's downloading and printing as a 8.5 x 11 - too big. Any suggestions on how to re-size?
    • Cindy
      Monday, April 29th, 2019
      Natalie, I just tried. It printed a 5 x 7 card on an 8 1/2 X 11 page. Make sure you print as is no scaling. I hope this helps.
  2. Allison
    Monday, November 5th, 2018
    I love this idea! Want to do this for my kids' teachers for a Thanksgiving gift. I am trying to download the file, but I am having a hard time doing so once I get to the Box website. It is asking me to sign up and pay a monthly amount?
    • Cindy
      Monday, November 12th, 2018
      Allison, try again. It should be working now. Let me know if you have any trouble.
  3. Lara Schubert
    Friday, September 7th, 2018
    I love this! I downloaded the file through Box, but cannot print it? Can you email it to me so I can print it?
    Thanks so much!
    • Cindy
      Monday, November 12th, 2018
      Lara, I have updated the post. It should be working now!
  4. Abby
    Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
    Hi! I love this! I downloaded the file through Box, but cannot figure out how to print? Can you help? Or maybe email it to me so I can print it?
    Thanks so much!
  5. Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
    I cannot figure out how to print the Thanks a Latte Card. When you click the link, it displays but no way to download the jpeg file or print. Help! I used this a few years ago and wanted to use again, but cannot.
  6. Lauren
    Thursday, April 27th, 2017
    I was trying to download thanks a latte 5x7 print. It will not let me save and print by right clicking on the picture. I love this idea. Do you have another suggestion on how to download this image? Thank you.
  7. Tuesday, June 21st, 2016
    I used your printout for our last day of school today, and they turned out great. Thank you!
  8. Kimberly
    Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
    This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you so much for allowing us to print it for free. That is very kind of you.
  9. Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
    What a cute idea! Thank for you the great tips.
  10. Ann
    Thursday, December 4th, 2014
    How did you print it out? As a 5 x 7 picture? Glossy or Luster?
  11. Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
    Is there a way to change the verbiage? I am in real estate and would like to utilize to thank people for there referrals.


  12. Monica
    Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
    My daughter and I had fun making this. Thank you so much for sharing
  13. JB
    Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
    Just placed an order on Costco to print these! I love them! Thank you for making my life EASY and providing such a cute way to give a gift card!
  14. Elisa
    Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
    Just wondering what color of twine from the Twinery you used? Is it "Peapod" or "Carribean"?
  15. Missy Smith
    Sunday, January 26th, 2014
    Just found this cute idea. Had a thought though, since our little town does not have a Starbucks. Include a packet of instant latte mix. Different brands can be found in the coffee isle of your local grocery. Several packets come in a box and can be used to make multiple gifts. (If you have more than one teacher and/or child.) I received a gift last year with two packets in a disposable coffee cup wrapped with a bow and cellophane.
  16. Monday, December 30th, 2013
    Really like this concept but having a lot of problems installing from “box cloud”…says computer file cannot be downloaded. can you deliver this in another format??? Would really like to provide to instructors this Friday!! thank you!!
    • Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
      Feel free to email me and we will send you the file.
  17. Monday, December 30th, 2013
    Super lovely idea for the Coffee house and Dunkin Inflatable donuts gift certificates :)
  18. Sherri
    Friday, December 13th, 2013
    Hi gals.
    I tried to print the Thanks a latte template, and it keeps coming out on a full 8x11.5 sheet :( Can you help a girl out?
  19. Friday, November 22nd, 2013
    It seems that in the case of big construction you wouldn't get a cscs card with fake carpentry
    NVQ as they check, but could it open doors in small companies?
    What about horticulture NVQ?.
  20. Elisa
    Thursday, May 16th, 2013
    Thank you so much for sharing!! I did these for my daughter's preschool teachers -- they turned out SO CUTE!
  21. Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
    I love this tutorial, it's going to be featured on the At Play blog tomorrow.
    I hope you'll stop by.

    If you have any other craft tutorials you would like added to the www.CraftsAtPlay.com database visit our site and you can submit them right from the main page!

  22. Luanne Pang
    Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
    lovely gift card holder!
  23. Saturday, April 27th, 2013
    You are so kind to share this pattern. Quick and O' so sweet. Our school secretaries were treated this week on Secretary Day! THANKS!
  24. Edie
    Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
    So appreciate you sharing this! I am doing one for all the office staff at my daughters' school. THANKS!!!!
  25. Marie
    Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
    OMG !!! this is GREAT !!! uploading pics to costco right now ! hahahah
  26. Saturday, May 19th, 2012
    So cool! I can't wait to do this. I linked to it from my working mom's site:
  27. Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
    this is perfect! thank you!
  28. Rose
    Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
    Love this idea but having a lot of trouble downloading from "boxcloud"...says file canot be downloaded....can you send this in another format??? Would really love to give to teachers this friday!! thank you!!
  29. Maria
    Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
    Doing this for teacher appreciation this week. Thanks so much!
  30. Sarah
    Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
    Just finished making these for my sons 3 teachers. They turned out great! Thanks so much for the idea and the fantastic template. I know they are going to love them. :)
  31. Tracy
    Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
    I am a middle school teacher and I find these adorable. I will be making these for my daughter's preschool teachers!
  32. Wendy
    Monday, May 7th, 2012
    Love this for my kids' teachers!!! Cute idea!
  33. Monday, May 7th, 2012
    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for making this so easy! I am super excited about giving these out to my son's preschool teachers!
  34. Monday, May 7th, 2012
  35. Natalie
    Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
    Thank you so much for having this printable template on your website. This is adorable and so easy thanks to the template.
  36. Michelle
    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
    I love this idea. Our PTO would like to use this to create invitations. I would like to shrink it and put two on a page so that we can print it on card stock. Has anyone been able to do anything like this? We also want to print right on the front of it. If I can at least get two on a page, then I can run it through my printer. Can anyone help?
  37. Laura M
    Monday, December 19th, 2011
    Just made one of these with a slight modification. Thanks for the download so that I didn't have to recreate it! https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/373845_2580905436278_1063697214_32429416_117302816_n.jpg
  38. courtney
    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
    Is the free printable still available? The link is not working, and I was hoping to use it for some teacher holiday gifts. Thanks!
  39. Thursday, November 24th, 2011
    Thanks SO much for the awesome printable! I used it and blogged about it here

  40. Lo
    Monday, November 21st, 2011
    I love it. This is simple and very creative :) Thanks for sharing.
  41. Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
    What a unique gift card! I think that in most cases a gift card will be much appreciated by the recipient as it is very personal and shows that the giver cares about the recipient
  42. Monday, August 22nd, 2011
    This idea is adorable and we love it so much we've included it in our latest post at No Impact Bride. Hope you don't mind!


  43. Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
    Love it... thanks so much for sharing the freebie template.
  44. Nancy
    Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
    I LOVE this idea~! Would you share a pdf or a downloadable file?
  45. Michelle
    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
    Thank you for the idea! I made this yesterday and my daughter was able to give this card to both her teacher and her student teacher. They LOVED it! Her teacher even took a picture of the card and sent them to her family.

    Cool tip: I went to Starbucks earlier this week to get their coffee sleeve. I believe they may have officially changed their sleeve color to green. The color matched the card beautifully!
  46. Kathy
    Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
    Just finished mine off...so simple, cute and I hope the teachers will love it. One seems to always have a starbucks cup with her! :)
  47. Trudie
    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
    Does anyone have a cute version of something similar for a gift card to Barnes and Noble???
  48. Momsy
    Monday, May 2nd, 2011
    Thank you so much for the cute idea and for providing the free printable. Y'all are awesome!
  49. Saturday, April 30th, 2011
    This is such a grande idea!

    Thank you so much for sharing! I featured this card in a roundup of teacher gift ideas.


  50. Julie
    Friday, April 22nd, 2011
    Is there an easy way to resize this to a 4x6 print (vs. 5x7). I would like to do quite a few of these and 5x7 prints are SO much more expensive than 4x6.
    My email is: [email protected] if anyone with more tech savy than I have could resize it for me.
  51. Monday, April 18th, 2011
    Hi! This is so awesome I had to try!!

    Thanks so very much for the prinatble.

    See my post about it here :)


    Fancy Frugal Life
  52. Teresa
    Saturday, April 16th, 2011
    Oh my gosh I just love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing!
  53. Kaycee Mason
    Saturday, April 16th, 2011
    Cute idea! Thanks!
  54. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    I have a cute teacher appriciation idea that I would like to share! how can I become invoved?
  55. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    What a great teacher gift! I want one!

  56. kathy
    Friday, April 15th, 2011
    What a cute idea ~ this would work well as a room mom gift, too (I'm a teacher). Thanks for sharing!
  57. Lisa K
    Friday, April 15th, 2011
    So cute! I just did a "thanks a latte" gift for my son's preschool teacher this week.

    I sewed a fabric coffee cozy, slipped it on an empty cup, put tissue in the cup and stuffed the "thanks a latte" sign (attached to a craft stick) in the cup with the gift card. She loved it!

    You can get coffee sleeves at Starbucks. Just flip it over so the wording doesn't show.
  58. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    Adorable! Shared it on Facebook!
  59. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    What an adorable idea!
    Would be great for any caregiver. Thanks for sharing ;)
  60. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    What a wonderful project!!!! Thank you!!!
  61. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    LOVE & am so doing this! Jackie-you can pick up a coffee sleeve at starbucks when you buy the gift card
  62. Friday, April 15th, 2011
    Love the idea!

    Jackie, You can get coffee sleeves at any starbucks, dunkin donuts, or anywhere that sells coffee drinks to go.

    BTW Appreciation is spelled wrong in the title. Since it's a post about teachers, it seems like I should point it out. :)
  63. Jackie
    Friday, April 15th, 2011
    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing too! I have one question where can I get a coffee sleeve?

    Thanks, Jackie
  64. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    I'm a teacher, and one of the most thoughtful things some parents have done for me is to ask me where I shop, eat, etc. The card IS cute, but...I don't drink coffee, so it would be an instant regift.
  65. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    WOW that is a great idea!
  66. Tania
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Such a cute way to say thanks. Looking forward to making these for our kids teachers. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.
  67. Amy
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    i love this A LATTE!!! makes a gift card so much more fun. i think i may make a fabric coffee sleeve to go with it. thanks for the idea and the printable!!!
  68. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    bravo les filles superbe bises mes belles jojo
  69. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Love the Thanks a Latte greeting cards, they are too cute!

    Anyway I was searching for interesting blogs yesterday and I came upon yours! Hence my reason for this message. I want to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! You can view it at my blog: http://sewmagic.blogspot.com

    If you've got any questions or anything, email me. Have a Marvelous Day!
  70. Kacey
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Where do you find coffee sleeves, for those of us non coffee drinkers?
  71. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Wow this is really cute! It is a great gift idea!
  72. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    This is why you're always my go-to blog for teacher gift ideas! xoxo
  73. Angela
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    These are FANTASTIC! I'm going to use this in my workplace too!
  74. Kristen
    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    So very CUTE! Love eighteen25. Can't wait to give these out at the end of the school year. Thank you!!!