Pot of Gold Cupcakes

    Posted by  ·  March 10, 2016

    These pot of gold cupcakes are a super fun way to celebrate St Patricks Day! They really go together quite easily.  For a few more cute St. Patricks ideas check out these easy rainbow cupcakes or whip up a delicious shamrock shake.

    St Patricks pot of gold cupcake

    Pot of Gold Cupcake Supplies

    pot of gold cupcake supplies

    Spray both sides the mini golden Oreos with a couple coats of edible gold mist.

    gold oreo coins

    Roll fondant about 1/8 inch thick onto wax paper. One small package of black fondant will make about five pot of gold cupcakes. Use a three inch cookie cutter to cut a circle that covers the top of the cupcake. A three inch circle should work for a standard cupcake….but check your cupcake before beginning.

    pot of gold cupcake fondant

    Cut out the center of the fondant with the 2 inch cookie cutter.

    pot of gold cupcakes cut fondant

    Be sure to save the scraps around the three inch circle and the two inch circle.

    pot of gold cupcakes tutorial

    Frost cupcake.

    pot of gold cupcake frosting

    Place the three in ring on top of the cupcake and smooth with your hands. Use the scraps to make a long roll that will fit around the opening and also make handles.

    pot of gold cupcake how to

    Place a small amount of corn syrup around the edge of the opening.

    pot of gold - cauldron cupcake tutorial

    place the long roll around the opening. Make handles and attach with corn syrup and pressure to each side.

    pot of gold - cauldron cupcake idea

    Fill opening with gold coarse sugar.

    pot of gold food

    Add the golden Oreos as coins.

    pot of gold cupcake with oreo coins pot of gold cupcakes

    You might also like to celebrate with rainbow cupcakes.

    rainbow pot of gold cupcakes

    It is super easy to give cupcakes rainbow frosting with colored sugar.

    rainbow frosting cupcakes

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