Today we have this darling I Wooly Like You, Valentine’s Day Printable.  Kids will love the colorful pom pom’s!  Stock someone with craft supplies with this super cute crafty Valentine!  Don’t miss these amazing Valentines.  I have teamed up with some of the most creative bloggers to share the cutest Valentines imaginable. Each day you will be amazed with their cleverness! You will want to stop by and see these fabulous ideas.

Welcome Amy…

Hello, Skip to My Lou readers!  It’s Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling, a colorful craft + DIY blog.  I am so excited to be here participating in Cindy’s Valentine’s Day printable series. Today, I am sharing a fun pom pom craft you can do with your kiddos, as well as a free I Wooly Like You, Valentine’s Day printable to go with it.

I Wooly Like You Valentine


Free Printable I Wooly Like You sheets (link below)
Colored Pencils or Markers
Pom Poms

Wooly Like You Supplies

First, cut out your wooly sheep from the printable sheet.  There are cut lines to make this a breeze.  Next, grab your favorite colors and go to town!  This is a great activity for your kids to draw patterns and colors, personalizing each Valentine as they like.

Wooly Like You Steps

Next, gather a handful of pom poms that you plan to use for each sheep’s wooly coat.  Be sure to use medium and small sized pom poms, as the bigger sizes are too large.  Add a drop of glue on your sheet and adhere the pom poms to their coat.

Wooly Like You poms

Once the glue dries, you are left with an adorably Wooly little sheep!

I Wooly Like You Yellow
I put five Wooly Sheep on a page for ease of printing.  To download the free printable file, go here.  < < <
Wooly Sheep
Wooly Like You Pom Poms

Thank you so much for having me today, Cindy!

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I’m Amy!  Delineate Your Dwelling a place where I share colorful and creative crafts + DIYs.  You can see more of Delineate Your Dwelling on Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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