The awesome girls from How Does She? are here to show us how to make the coolest homemade bubble blower!

How Does She? writes…

Making Bubbles

Here’s an idea that will keep kids busy!!!! I thought with the warm temperature coming and kids out of school, now would be the time to bust out this idea! Making some Bubbles

To make your own homemade bubble blower start out you need a water bottle…empty.

I gave my kids a water bottle and they drank it fast. Okay they didn’t…I caught them pouring it on the plants, but it was a good thought! Is it just my kids who would rather have their teeth pulled than drink a glass of water!?!bubble-6

Back to making snake bubbles…Cut off the bottom of the water bottle.bubble-5

Use a piece of fabric and put an elastic around it to hold it on. An old rag or an old sock does the trick. Hey, we are recycling 2 things, water bottles and socks. Here’s to a green tutorial!bubble-4

Put some dish soap in a shallow bowl. I added a little water to make it go further.bubble-2

Dip it in.bubble-1

Start making bubbles by blowing.bubble-3

Tip: Don’t let them blow too hard or the rag will pop off. A light steady gust of air will produce bubbles to make your little ones squeal. I think I heard my husband squeal too, but he’d never admit that:)

Have a contest for the longest snake, make a hat with the trail of bubbles, or try to pop them as they float away.

Making bubbles with kids is super fun and thrifty!

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  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I did it during a craft camp I put on for some kids in my neighborhood and it was a HUGE hit. I posted a few pictures on my blog. 🙂

  3. I already had bubble fun on the calendar at the nursing home for the 18th so we had to try this- my “grandmas and grandpas” laughed and laughed- it was so much fun that on saturday whilst we were outside planting flowers with some young volunteers we did it again to show the kids- the kids loved it as well!

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