I am so excited to share these free printable recipe cards that can be customized by you. Yes, that is right — simply choose a design, fill in your recipe title, ingredients, directions and then print!

This is brand new and we still might have a few bugs. Please give it a try and then give me feedback. If you can think of a way they might be improved, please let me know!

Below are instructions to walk you through the process. Once you are ready to give it a try go to Printable Recipe Cards.

Getting Started

The first step in creating your recipe cards is to select a size. Cards can either be 6″ by 4″, or 5″ by 3″. Two large cards or three small ones will fit on a single sheet of US letter.

If the lower check box is checked, the same recipe will appear on all cards. If not, a different recipe can be placed on each one.

Once a size is selected, click “Next Step” to move to the recipe entry screen.

Editing your recipe

The tabs at the bottom allow quick editing of any part of the recipe card.


Use the appearance tab to select a background and layout for the recipe card.

Recipe Information

Enter the name of the recipe, along with the name of the person that created it.


Enter ingredients for the recipe. The toolbar can be used to insert special characters, such as 1/4 and 1/2 measurements.


Use the directions tab to enter instructions on how to make the recipe.

Printing your recipe

Once all details of the recipe have been entered, use the “next stage” button to move forward. This will either move to the next recipe, or the print preview screen.

At the print preview, clicking the link to the left will display a full size preview in a new window. If everything looks the way you want, just click the print command to create your new cards!

Now you are ready to give the Free Recipe Card Maker a try!


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  1. It’s been roughly 3 years since I was told the recipe card maker was going to be coming back. What’s the deal? Why is it even an option on the website if you don’t plan on putting it back?

  2. When will this be available? It appears that it once was and now it isn’t and hasn’t been for a while.

  3. Love the recipe card maker but would like even more if you could change out the colors. I like the blue one best.

  4. Love it!!!! You are the only one that provides this in such a clean format. Thank YOU.

    Super easy, but and it might be me, I am not technical. But after I print one page, it doesn’t allow me to go back and create another one. I have to hit the icon on the bottom corner, “skip to my lou” which takes me back to your blog instead?? Also, I wish when I created a space between my measurement and the item it would remain in the format, but it disappears???

    Hate to make suggestions cuz I am blown away that you can even offer this to begin with!
    Thanks, Megan

  5. This is a fabulous idea. Got all the way through and tried to print but that link isn’t working. If you get this working with the print, please email me. WOuld love to try it all the way through. Thanks

  6. Needed a quick idea for end of the year teachers gifts, this was perfect. All of the recipes that parents made throughout the year (we do a staff appreciation lunch once a month) were able to be out onto these adorable cards and given as a “cookbook” to each teacher. Thank you!

  7. I think this is super cute and great idea, although upon printing the text was light, and a little blurred even with bold. I hope it is something that can be fixed!!! Thanks! Sarah

  8. This is wonderful!! Thanks so much for making this. I am making my sister a recipe scrapbook for christmas and will definitely be using some of your printables for the scrapbook.




  9. These are SO cute! I am wondering if I can print them without the recipe. We are sending recipe cards out with invites for a bridal shower, so I’d like them printed plain so people can fill them out. Is this possible? It seems that it won’t let me go to the print page without typing in every box. Thanks so much!

  10. My recipe was too long and the bottom was cut off. Could you give the option of a 2 page card?
    Great idea and I will try it again for shorter recipes. Many Thanks!!

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