Many of us have fond memories of hunting for Easter baskets or going on Easter egg hunts in our backyards, houses, or even around our neighborhood with family and friends. We’d crack open those plastic eggs to see our loot and hope for some colorful candies or a chocolate bunny. Now, as adults, we all still have that sweet tooth on Easter, and these Easter candy charcuterie board ideas are the perfect way to satisfy that!

When it comes to a celebration, whether it’s an Easter celebration, a baby shower, or another holiday or special occasion, many people are looking for lots of sweet treats at the end. A charcuterie board is a great way to serve them, and the tools below are some of my favorites. They make the whole possess easier from start to finish.

29 Easter Candy Charcuterie Boards

These Easter candy charcuterie boards are sure to please every family member or guest who is looking for some Easter candy to please their sweet tooth.

1. Easter Dessert Candy Board

A fun way to end an Easter meal is with this dessert and candy charcuterie board from My Name Is Snickerdoodle. It is full of traditional Easter candy like mini Cadbury eggs and jelly beans. But she’s also added some deliciously simple desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries and no-bake mini lemon cream pies.

This Easter candy charcuterie board idea from my name is snickerdoodle includes many options like chocolate strawberries, and peanut butter eggs.
Do you eat it or look at it?

2. Easter Candy Board

Ain’t Too Proud To Meg has done it again, and this time it’s with her Easter candy charcuterie board. Not only does it include marshmallow chicks. It also includes a huge variety of loose candy, cookies, and other unique goodies.

A large candy board from Ain't Too Proud To Meg inclues peeps, pretzels, rock candy and more.
Even the Easter bunny is jealous of this Easter candy charcuterie board.

3. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

Tasty Oven ensured not to put all her eggs in one basket with this Easter candy charcuterie board idea. She’s included some tasty edible grass nests, complete with marshmallow peeps and robin eggs. You’ll even find some small bowls of jelly beans.

Another dessert board from Tasty Oven that not only includes candy but cookies too!
So many Easter candy options, so little time.

4. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a smaller charcuterie board that will give your family a quick little taste of their favorite Easter candy, Desserts on a Dime has put together an Easter board that is full of Easter desserts. You’ll find a chocolate bunny, peeps, pastel-colored M&Ms, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more. 

A cheap bright board with bowls of treats and marshmallow peeps from Desserts on a Dime.
Small, simple, and tasty.


Aubrey’s Kitchen goes big with this Easter candy board. No color scheme is to be found except for BRIGHT! Full of different shapes, candies, and treats, no one will walk away unsatisfied. 

A large and bright board from Aubrey's Kitchen with some traditional Easter candies. And some other mix-ins.
An Easter candy charcuterie board everyone will love.


This simple Easter dessert charcuterie board from Fantabulosity has Easter-specific treats like bunny-shaped cookies and robin’s eggs. A simply delicious board for this holiday.

A pastel Easter candy charcuterie board idea from Fantabulosity with cookies, and candies.
Every Easter-themed treat looks delicious!

7. Easter Dessert Candy Board

Cutefetti knew she wanted a color scheme, and she nailed it with this pink board! Not only does it scream, “Look Here!” But it includes some chocolate bunnies, cookies, and other tasty candies.

A pink themed Easter candy char charcuterie  board with other sweet Easter treats from Cutefetti.
Pink is totally an Easter color!

8. Easter Charcuterie Board

Wishes and Dishes didn’t use a fancy charcuterie board to make this delicious Easter candy display, nor did you! Grab a cookie tray, and you’ve got yourself a great way to hold all of your goodies, like her green-colored shredded coconut on the bottom.

Using a cookie tray, this bright Easter candy charcuterie board is full of cookies, candies, and cotton candy from Wishes and Dishes.
Bright, beautiful, and bountiful.


If you aren’t hosting a large get-together and would like to display some traditional Easter candies and treats for your family, just grab a wooden board or tray like Arina photography and create.

A simple candy dessert charcuterie board for a small get together from Arina photography.
So many sweet options.

10. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

Peanut butter eggs, Peeps marshmallow lollipops, and other small candies make up this Easter candy charcuterie board from Just is a Four Letter Word.

A board with peeps, chocolate eggs, and cadbury caramel eggs from Just is a Four Letter Word.
Simple, with some traditional Easter candy elements.

11. Easter Charcuterie Board

Devour Dinner realized quickly that not all Easter candy boards have to be completely filled with chocolate eggs and sugar-filled treats. She’s added some fresh fruit like blood oranges, strawberries, and even some tomatoes to give some healthier options.

A fruit and candy board from Devour Dinner with peeps, strawberries, blood oranges, cookies, and kit-kats.
A large charcuterie board with candy and fruit.

12. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for an Easter candy charcuterie board idea that can be left out on the counter for multiple days, you may want to take a look at this one from 3 Boys and a Dog. It includes plenty of individually wrapped candies and snacks, an easy way for a grab-and-go treat.

A grab-and-go board with all individually wrapped Easter candies from 3 Boys and a Dog.
Keep this one on your counter for grab-and-go!

13. Easter “Charcuterie” Board

Southern Living is known for some delicious and beautiful recipes, and their Easter candy charcuterie board doesn’t disappoint. This board looks perfect with some personal touches on traditional Easter desserts like lavender shortbread cookies and bird’s nest cookies.

A Easter candy charcuterie board full of homemade treats like bird's nest cookies, and shortbread from Southern Living.
A lot of homemade Easter recipes on this Easter candy charcuterie board.

14. Easter Charcuterie Board

Lord Byron’s Kitchen has created a beautiful Easter charcuterie board full of Easter treats that will be perfect once everyone finishes their Easter dinner. The variety of candy is incredible, and each person will be able to find something they’ll enjoy.

A bright and bold Easter candy charcuterie board idea from Lord Byron's Kitchen with chocolate bunnies, peanut butter cups, and other sweet goodies.
Do you eat the ears first?

15. Easter Charcuterie Board

This Easter candy charcuterie board from buns in my oven is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next Easter gathering. It not only includes everyone’s favorite treats, but it’s the perfect dessert option for everyone.

Cookies, and candies fill this board from Buns in my Oven.
It’s hard to decide what to eat first.

16. Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board

Wouldn’t you have loved seeing this Easter candy platter from bullock’s Buzz on your Easter holiday as a child? It has everything children ever older kids love! Including chocolate Easter eggs in a basket and candy covering the dish!

A edible Easter basket in the middle surrounded by pastel and bright Easter candies, some in small ceramic baskets from bullock's buzz.
Bright and beautiful.


The Curated Farmhouse has taken Easter candy charcuterie board ideas up a notch and created 3 Easter-themed and shaped charcuterie boards for you. Keeping the loose candies in place with rows of pastel-colored chocolate-covered pretzels, this board looks delicious.

A completely edible and pastel Easter candy charcuterie board from The Curated Farmhouse.
The shape is everything.


Looking for more of a snack board than a full-on candy board? Party Pinching has created a simple board that still includes some larger items like chocolate bunnies and eggs. But, some healthier choices too!

A simple charcuterie board for a couple people, including traditional aspects like cheese, veggies, fruit, and some candy from Party Pinching
An Easter candy charcuterie board idea, perfect for just a couple.

19. Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

The best part about an Easter dessert board is the ability to include wrapped and unwrapped desserts. Tamara (Like) Camera has created a charcuterie board that is perfect for your next Easter brunch.

An easy to put together board with caramel eggs, chocolate bunnies, peeps, and more from Tamara (like) Camera.
Easy to put together, easier to eat.

20. Easy Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board for a Crowd

If you want a traditional charcuterie board with a dessert twist, look no further than Life By Leanna, a combination of traditional elements like a pepperoni rose, brie, and crackers with some sweet elements like chocolate eggs and cookies.

A mix of a traditional charcuterie board with some candy elements like peeps, and chocolate eggs from Life By Leanna.
Traditional meets Easter.


Although not many people will say their favorite candy is Peeps, they are still mass-produced during the Easter season and now have been popping up for other times like the holiday season as well! Ready Set Eat has created a giant Easter candy charcuterie board and gives you simple tips on how to make it.

A peep and popcorn filled board from Ready Set Eat
Hangin’ with my peeps.

22. Easter Dessert Candy Board

With A Blast has a great option if you’re looking to include food items that you can find in your local grocery store. Just head through the candy, snacks, and seasonal items to find some delicious choices.

A bright board that has many different candy and sweet options like chocolate bunnies and eggs from With A Blast.
Bright and colorful like Spring.


Kelleynan has one organized Easter dessert candy board with a springtime color palette of pastel colored candies and some super sweet options like marshmallows, cookies, and even some cotton candy.

A pastel board from Kelleyann with cotton candy, cookies, rock candy, peeps, and more.
So many options, and so little time.

24. Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board

Donuts, chocolate eggs and bunnies, cookies, fruit, and more are all a part of this large platter for Easter. A New Dawnn has included everything you or your guests will want in such a simple way.

A large chocolate egg in the center with cookies and donuts surrounding it from A New Dawnn.
A Easter candy board you can eat for breakfast.

25. Epic Easter Charcuterie Board

Good For You Gluten Free gives you a healthier option when you still need something to satisfy your sweet tooth and may be one of my favorite Easter candy charcuterie board ideas.

A gluten free Easter candy charcuterie board with donuts, chocolate covered strawberries and.a special dip from Good For You Gluten-Free.
Gluten-free and yummy.

26. Easter Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board that has every Easter candy you can imagine has been created over on The Inspiration Edit. It’s sure to be a huge hit at your next Easter party.

A small Easter charcuterie board from  The Inspiration Edit with cherries, macaroons, and more
Simple and delicious.


This charcuterie board from Abigail Albers looks like the Easter bunny himself dropped it off. Full of edible Easter grass, candies, and an array of choices, it’s the perfect size for dessert.

A board where you can eat anything from Abigail Albers with edible easter grass, peeps, chocolate chicks, and jelly beans.
You can literally eat EVERYTHING.

28. Make an Easter Candy-Cuterie Board

Farm Boy may be a larger company, but they still know how to create a great Easter candy charcuterie board with some interesting additions like Easter eggs that look like dragon eggs!

A small board with Easter candies like jellybeans, sour candies, and chocolate eggs from Farm Boy.
Are those dragon eggs?

29. Easter Dessert Candy Board

A Pumpkin & A Princess finishes up this list with a delicious Easter candy board that includes homemade chocolate marshmallow eggs and a Cadbury egg dip!

With a cadbury dip this board from A Pumpkin & A Princess also includes homemade marshmallow bunnies and eggs.
A Cadbury dip makes this board amazing.

These Easter candy charcuterie board ideas are absolutely beautiful and absolutely delicious! Every guest or family member will love being able to grab their favorite candies, even if they are a little too older for an Easter egg hunt.

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