Have you tried this yet? We are using a Duracell battery to make a scribblebot.This fall if you are looking for some fun things to do after school you must give this battery operated toy robot a try. Watching it scribble across the floor is too cool.
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It really is a simple toy robot to make!

Supplies for DIY Battery Operated Toy Robot

1 regular sized solo cup
1 regular sized clothes pin
4 markers
1 – AA Duracell Battery
Tape or Hot Glue (we used hot glue)
1 – 1.5-3VDC Motor
1 – AA Battery Holder
2 – crimp on disconnects
1 popsicle stick

battery operated toy robot supplies

How to make a Battery Operated Toy Robot that Draws

Hot glue (or tape) popsicle stick to top of plastic cup.

how to build battery operated robot step 1

Hot glue motor to end of popsicle stick.

how to build battery operated toy step 2

Place the AA Duracell battery in the battery holder and hot glue case to opposite end of popsicle stick.

how to build battery operated toy that draws step 3

Crimp a disconnector piece to the end of each wire coming from the battery holder.

how to build battery robot toy that scribbles step 4

Glue four markers evenly spaced and at same level inside the cup.

how to build battery operated toy that draws step 6

Hot glue a clothes pin the the rod coming out of the front of the motor.

how to build battery operated toy robot step 7

Now you are ready to scribble! Connect the wires to the motor and go!

how to build battery operated toy that scribbles step 5

We had such a great time! Adjust your toy robot by adding weight to the cup, changing what you glue to the front of the motor or by adjusting the position of the markers.

If you are ready to make your own robot run to Lowe’s for your supplies! If you would like to tackle some other fall projects  head on over to PopSugar.com where Brooke is helping you Fall Into DIY!

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This post was sponsored by Lowe’s and P & G. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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  1. Hi – what size are the crimp-on disconnects that you used for this project? I see the photograph of what you used but there are 3 sizes listed in the bag.
    Thank you!

  2. Been watching a ton of gilmore girls (yay netflix!) so I gotta say, COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE!?

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