Applique for the Holidays – 'Cheer' up your Bathroom Towels

    Posted by  ·  November 21, 2012

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    Hey there, Skip to My Lou readers!  I’m Tara from Taradara Made It.

    I’m so happy to be at Skip to my Lou today showing you how to EASILY applique a plain hand towel and washcloth to give them some holiday CHEER!

    You’ll need:

    Hand towel and/or washcloth

    Fabric scraps

    RicRac or Fun Yarn

    Wonder Under or Heatbond

    Sewing machine



    Non stick Pressing cloth {teflon or Applique pressing sheet}


    First, you’ll want to choose some fun fabric scraps from your stash.

    Place them on top of the Wonder Under with right side up.

    Iron to adhere.

    NOTE:  If your piece is smaller than the wonder under, you may want to use a {teflon} ironing sheet to protect your iron.  Once the iron hits the wonder under, it melts and loves to stick to the iron!  You can purchase these at most craft stores for pretty cheap {totally worth it!}

    Peal off the paper backing.  I always do this prior to cutting my shapes as it makes it easier to manipulate while cutting.

    You will see that you will have a shiny side to the wrong side of your fabric.  This is a good thing, it means that it worked and you have a surface that will now adhere to another piece of fabric or towel.

    Cut out your shapes.

    I chose this great Amy Butler fabric that looks like snow flakes.  I ‘fussy cut’ them … meaning I cut around certain parts of the fabric to get the precise images within the design.  But get creative!  You could do Santa, trees, snowmen … so many ideas!!

    Place them where you’d like to have them adhere to your towel and iron.

    Now, stitch around the applique pieces.  I went ahead and used different stitches on my machine.  This could be a great opportunity to use some stitches that you’ve been wanting to use, but never have.  If you miss some edges, don’t sweat it.  It gives it character!  This is not meant to be a perfect masterpiece!  It’s meant to be fun and experimental and creative!

    Notice how I stopped on the outer edge at the corner.  I stop with my needle down securing my spot, then pivot my towel to line up to sew down the next angle.  You can use this technique on many other sewing projects.

    I’ve pivoted and I’m ready to continue sewing.

    I used fun RicRac for the ‘strings’ to my snowflake ornaments.  Again, get creative with this.  You can use fun yarns that you might have, you can use some ruffles …

    Place the RicRac where you like it and secure it with pins.

     Sew down the center starting at the applique design.  This will allow for any extra length to be pushed off to the end of the towel rather to your applique design.  It makes for a much cleaner look.

    And here we have the finished masterpiece!

    A great way to bring the holidays in to your bathroom or powder room.  You can certainly use this applique on tea towels for the kitchen for sure!

    What do you think?!

    You can totally do this!

    Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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    1. Debbie
      Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
      What a great way to decorate the bathroom for the holidays!!!